24 06 2013

May 13, 2013

It had only been a week and being out of work/not being able to drive was driving me crazy.  The 2 days before surgery my foot was really starting to to feel the pain.  It seemed like the Oxycodone I had been subscribed was doing nothing - I couldn’t wait to be put under Anastasia to take the pain away.

The surgery took about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Doctor says all went well.  In Splint for 10 days- Rest and Elevate the let as much as possible.  I was very COLD and just wanted to go home after the surgery.  I had no pain in my leg, as I had a nerve block done before surgery - no feeling from the knee down.  The nurse said it could be a few hours to 12 hours before I have any feeling back.  Also, start taking your pain killers as soon as you have feeling, she says.

I couldn’t feel a thing and was pretty much pain free the entire night… Just drowsy.  The next day, at about 9 am… quite possibly the worst physical pain I’ve ever had before.  I was taking 10mg of Oxycodone and still was in an incredible amount of pain.  Nerve block, gone =(  But, the next few days were much better, pain wise.  Lots of rest and elevation and playing scrabble bedside.



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