In severe pain

Hello there, how is everyone. I havent been here for a while i know  but havent even felt like logging in lately, besides being really busy at work. I will be 36 weeks post op tommorow. I havent been going to physio for a while now because i have run out of funds so been trying to do little exercises now and again here at home and work.

I still have severe pain on my good leg, the pain radiates from my buttocks, when i sit and walk basically. it feels like a lame pain, at first thought it was just my hip. I had a few dry needling sessions at first which helped a bit.  I was told by several people its over compensating pain on the good side, because of balance and weakness on my ATR leg (which is true by the way, the leg/calf/balance is terrible still) but right now i dont want any theories from them, only solutions to help with the pain.

I have read up on accupuncture and biokinetics, have been for one biokinetic appointment (could only afford that for now) She advised and assisted with a massage and more exercise routines to do at home. It is all fine but i need help with the pain. She says i should constantly swing from side to side, even when sitting because i am helping my legs regain balance on both sides.  I wish i knew if i am doing this correctly.

Anway, i hope all this made sense and hope someone out there may have a solution to assisting with this pain.

By the way:  Is anyone else out there getting so much spam as myself…

Links to you tube rehab videos

Hello there, can anyone please send me helpful links for some of my exercises. I have been following advice found here and from my physio as much as i can. I am now in the trying to heel raise, balance and walk on toes phase, 23 weeks post op. I have always been better able to respond to visual aid when trying to perfect these exercises so any links will be greatly appreciated.


21 weeks

Hello there, i have reached 21 weeks yesterday. I have been very down and out lately, i mean been going through a few personal things which have very much taken my focus away from healing. I can heel raise a bit better but still feel/see a limp when walking.  People who see me walk say it just looks like someone who is walking slowly, i on the otherhand feel the pain and effort when pushing to put full weight on ATR leg. It is alright in moderation but when tired and overworked from heel raises and calf stretches i find it more difficult to walk “properly” on both legs. I use the resistance band each night and during the day if i have to, i do not have any access to the gym or pool and do not have any gym equipment at home except maybe the stairs. I am afraid that this is holding me way back, when listening to other people’s stories. At the moment i am looking for some feedback on walking and walking speed and limping at 21 weeks. Also, even tho i can slightly heel raise i was encouraged by physio to try and walk up the stairs on toes, this is nearly impossible for me right now considering that i cannot even heel raise properly. I am sorry if most of my posts seem depressing, i know i have to be grateful for how far i have come but i think its mainly because of my financial restrictions(paying for physio, gym, pool, etc) I feel that this will hold me back a little more, being in South Africa i must say there arent many free services, if any such as these… thanks for listening..


16 weeks post op and have not had much luck with my heel raises. I know that i have written about this before but have really been feeling down. It is mostly due to my physio nagging about how important it is that i should have been able to do this by now. I have even told her that she should check this site and see the responses i have received. My tendon seems to still need much strengthening, i am doing half and as far as i can go squats, calf stretches, sitting heel raises and using the resistance band. I am walking up and down stairs where i can. I am not sure what else this lady wants me to do, i am just grateful i am no longer using crutches or wheelchair. Not to mention that the work/rehab leaves one very tired and my mood/energy levels wont always be the same. Anyway, i just hope she gets off my case pretty soon. Its like me being able to heel raise at a certain time will secure her job or something..

Constant Hip Pain

Hi there, i might start sounding like a broken record with this post but i dont know what else to do. I am at 14 weeks post op, in two shoes and experiencing a very uncomfortable hip pain. Im not sure if it is hip/pelvis/buttocks but it feels pretty much like the hip to me. I feel it more when push to the back with the affected hip/pelvis. I push out to the back and it hurts incredibly. It also affects me more when i am sitting, especially when sitting flat. I was given several stretches to do by the physio but she doesnt seem too sure either.  I am hoping someone out there has a similiar problem and can assist.

Kind regards, Lynne

Hip Pain

Hello everyone. Since i started walking in the boot i have had a very uncomfortable pain in my good leg hip/side area. I am not sure how to describe it. It is very clear when i push the good leg pelvic area to the back or move the area around. It is also very clear when i step down from stairs. I am not walking properly downstairs as yet, tramping down bad foot first, then good, then bad and so on.. When i put the good foot down the pain is excruciating. I have informed physio about this, she has given me some massage and needling a few times with no relief at all, i do exercises as well with no luck at all. Please help, has anyone else experienced this at all..

Thanks, Lynne

Cannot do single heel raise at 14 weeks

Hello everyone, im sorry i havent written in a while. I am now 14 weeks, out of boot, in 2 shoes walking very carefully but walking pretty well i think. My physio appointment on Saturday went well. I was taken out of the boot completely.  I cannot however do heel raises. My physio was very suprised as we did it in one of our sessions. We did however only do it once and i was instructed to try further at home. I could not initiate any movemnt from my ATR leg unless weight was coming from my good leg. If i was on equal weight bearing, then i cannot lift my leg move it forward or do a heel raise. I started doing it while holding my arms against a wall, then releasing it again as i push up onto my toes. It is so painful and hard. My physio says she thinks it is part weakness/part psycological that i cannot do this function.

I am so depressed about this as my physio seemed more confused than me. My surgeon blames my physio for being too slow and not pushing me hard enough. Please help, i dont have the funds for unlimited physio visits. How can i do this and has this happended to anyone else? Please help

cannot swim :(

Hello there, i am 12 weeks post op and am busy with rehab, close to 2 shoes. However, i know that swimming is very good for ATR recovery and rehab. Embarrased to say however, i cannot swim. I had planned to start learning in December last year. How will this affect my rehab. When will it be safe for me to start learning. Any thoughts?

Sleeping without boot cramps in calf

Last night was the 1st time sleeping without the boot, this was a very scary experience but it was so warm here i had to try it. I was given the go ahead by the physio. However, upon waking this morning i had a terrible calf cramp in the ATR leg. It wasnt a “rupture” pain, at least i dont think but i am still concerned. My ankle and ROM feels amazing today though which is really strange. Is it possible that i might have ruptured it in my sleep?

12 weeks

Hello there everyone

For the last 2 weeks i have been experiencing the most uncomfortable hip/good leg pain ever. It is more in the hip or side. It is a strange discomfort i experience when i sit mostly. It is alright when i walk  or exercise but otherwise really painful. When i went for physio last Saturday she did some dry needling which seemed to help for that time.  I will be going for another dry needling session today..