Sep 28 2009


First day of PT

Posted at 5:12 pm under Week Two Post Op

Very easy day at PT just stretching and measuring my movement and control.  My therapist says all looks good and by measurements my right (healing ankle) is only 1 inch larger than the other one.  And the bruising is clearing up really good too.  I asked the therapist if she thought I was on a rapid recovery program or if it is normal.  Because I have read so much on this site about being in a cast for 6 weeks after surgery.  And she said that there have been so many advances in the surgery itself that the cast is becoming a thing of the past.  Even for other injuries not just the Achilles surgery.  So next appointment will be Wednesday at 10 am and she said for me to take some Advil before my appointment just in case.  Sounds like she has something in store for me.  So until then I have to do some stretching exercises and then put a ice pack on.  This past Saturday my wife helped me do an engagement shoot and we did a really good job.  I was moving around on the crutches and she was carrying my stuff and holding a flash unit for me.  Here is a link to my engagement sessions but last Saturdays are the final 9 photos.

Take care and I will post again after Wednesdays PT Session.

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  1. mentalplaneton 02 Oct 2009 at 1:16 pm 1

    I thought the 6 weeks in the cast was overkill. I could tell that I was ready to move on at about week three. My MD at the time was very old school. Surprising since she is easily under 30.
    Her partner has taken over while she honey moons. Serendipitous for me! He is very progressive in his knowledge and approach. He is much more mature - about my age : ]
    I am excited to follow you through physical therapy. Eager to get started myself. I have been trying to do modified yoga all the way through to retain some strength and flexibility.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. lupeclickson 02 Oct 2009 at 1:33 pm 2

    Hey thanks for posting a comment!
    Yesterday, I worked my leg out really good like I posted. I put a 5lb ankle weight on my boot around the toe area. Then I did a lot of different exercises standing and laying down. Sets of 15 3 times each just to get stronger for PT sessions. Also, today my leg is sore in my quad and hamstring area. Today, so far, I did some some ankle movements like, sitting down and putting my foot on the floor them moving my foot in a windshield wiper motion. And then some gripping movements with my toes. In a few minutes I am going to put the weight on and work my leg out again. Leg muscles are big enough that you can get a benefit from working them every day

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