Sep 24 2009


Thursday follow up appointment

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Well, the Dr took my “Stich” out today.  I was impressed, he just pulled on one string and it came right out.  It was one single thread that was about 6 inches long.  No mutliple stiches to pull out  just one!  If you are in south Texas and you need to have your Achilles repaired this is the doctor.  Dr. Loddie Roeder in New Braunfels, Texas he has been in Sports Medicine for 25 years.  And he cleared me for 50% body weight and to keep using 2 crutches for now.  Also, he removed some of the padding in the boot so my foot is almost flat at 90.  He said I could walk/crutch my way along as far as I wanted to.  PT starts Monday morning and we will see how that goes.

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