Sep 15 2009


Post Op Week 1

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Ok, had the surgery today 15 August 2009, and here is the story.

I arrived at the out patient clinic at 9:15 and met Becky.  She took all my insurance information, copy of drivers license, and my CASH $480.00.  The cash covered the 20% I have to pay and the insurance company covers the 80% of the cost.  As a matter of fact, the out patient clinic asked me to have the cash ready when they called me the day before.  I guess they were making sure they got the money.  So I sat down and waited with my father in law.  He is good company and great sports almanac.  He is always there when any member of the family needs help.  Thank you Dad. Around 9:30 am the nurse, Lori, took me into the consult room and made me sign all of the usual stuff and ask the normal medical questions.  After that I went straight back to the room with all the sliding curtains and a nursing station.  Lori got my gown for me and directed me to the restroom to get in my surgery room tuxedo.  It was a skimpy normal one you would expect.  As I was changing Lori knocked on the door and came in and gave me a nicer one that hooks up to some kind of heater I am really starting to like this Lori nurse.  After I got changed she escorted me to my bed on wheels and I waited.  At 9:45 she and nurse, I can not remember her name, pulled back the curtain and started with the same old allergy questions.  Then Lori started to get my left hand ready for the IV.  There was little problem with the vein so she was smacking my hand a little to get it to pop up.  I said, “I normally do not have a problem when I give blood is something wrong?” 
“No I just want it to pop up some more to make sure the IV goes in easy.” 
Now I am thinking I really have the right place to take care of me and Lori is a pro.
She kindly used a small needle to inject a small amount of Novicain in my hand where the IV would be inserted.  And I bearly felt it and now I thinking “Lori” is somehow short for Florance.  She put the IV in and I did not feel a thing until she turned on the IV drip.  The site on my hand with the IV got cold and it was uncomfortable but no problem.  Now its about 9:45 am and they leave me alone to listen to the other patients behind the curtains.  No one there is in any real trouble, but the guy to my left was going to have a procedure done on his eye.  10:00 am and Dr. Loddie Roeder slides the curtain back and says, “Well, looks like we are going to have to go through with this because we both showed up.”  He starts to go over the paperwork and asks all the same questions.  Just then his attending comes in and and tells me he must inject the antibiodic in my IV and that it is going to hurt from the cold.  So, Dr. Roeder continues to talk to me and he lifts my blanket and puts his initals on my injured leg.  Then the antibiodic really gets cold and hurts, but again it is bearable.  Both depart and say that they will see me soon in the OR.  Then the anesthesiologist comes by, around 10:10am, and goes over the same list of allergy questions.  Then goes into detail about how I will be wheeled in on my back then he puts me out.  After I am out they will put me on my stomach and get to work.  When the work is done on my leg they flip me back over and wheel me out to reocovery.  Right after that the attending comes in and says, “Margarita time!”  He put the lovely cocktail in my IV and then I start to get wheeled out.  As we pass through different little halls the temperature starts to drop.  I mention it to the driver and he said that when we get in the OR it will be colder.  I said, “Do you guys keep swinging beef in here too?” 
“No, but on the weekends we do process wild game.”
“Nice you got me”  I said.
The door to the OR opens up and the first thing I hear is “Gotta whole lotta love…” classic Zepp on the radio.  I said, “Oh yeah, will classic rock and roll be on the whole time?”
“No Dr. Roeder likes country so we will change it when he comes in.”
“Ok whatever makes him focus do it.” I said with a polite, yet firm tone.
The anesthesiologist said, “Here we go.”  I think I remember about 5 seconds then I was OUT!
I woke up and did not feel a single bit of pain in my leg.  It was wrapped in a bandage and I had a walking boot on.  They gave me the run down on keep it elevated and put some ice under my knee.  And the Dr told me to come see him Friday for a follow up.  I was given Hydrocodone for the pain and I think that the pain is going to come TOMORROW.  And I am a little scared because right now I still do not feel a thing…But I am taking the meds as directed to control the pain now before it hits me like a truck tomorrow.

Good night for now and I will let everyone know how it feels in the morning sorry for the long dialog if you made it this far in the post.

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  1. fitterguy73on 15 Sep 2009 at 9:41 pm 1

    Give it a chance before you slip into la la land tomorrow. I know I didn’t have much pain at all the next day. I’m 8 weeks post op and walking without crutches now. Still the worst pain I had through out the whole ordeal was during my diagnosis by the surgeon. When she proded the spot where my AT use to be. Damn that hurt! Good to hear you had a decent ordeal that the surgery center and I hope all goes well from here on out!

  2. sam66on 16 Sep 2009 at 2:00 am 2

    I didn’t have much real pain at all - just some discomfort and aching at times. Took painkillers the first few days but not the strong ones prescribed after having a reaction to them.
    Hope all continues well,

  3. lupeclickson 16 Sep 2009 at 6:48 am 3

    Thanks Sam I think I will get off the pain killers by Friday.

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  4. lupeclickson 16 Sep 2009 at 6:50 am 4

    I am doing fine its just a dull pain now and more around the top of my arch not the surgery area. I think its just too tight of a wrap or it is swelled up some.
    Elevation here I come.

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  5. 2ndtimeron 16 Sep 2009 at 7:56 am 5

    I must say other than when waking up from surgery (that was tough but they sent me to la la land quick) I did not have pain. I did not need pain killers after the first day.

  6. WELon 28 Oct 2009 at 6:24 am 6


    U had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON LABS.

    Two days later I was BLIND

    Use Google and enter EPOCRATES MAXIDEX REACTION to verify

    Or call 800-757-9195

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