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Does anyone else have a lump???

Filed under: Uncategorized — luliebelle at 2:52 pm on Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi all. I’m nearly 12 weeks post-op, and until last week was doing really well - walking normally (well, not quite normally, but normal for me!) in shoes, back to work at my retail job, but still taking it pretty easy. Then I got a bit ahead of myself and went to a music festival where I spent all day on my feet, walking from one band to another and since then I’ve been a little bit stiff and sore and I’ve noticed an increase in the lump on my achilles. I’ve had the lump since surgery, it’s just a slightly raised area about an inch long that starts where they re-joined the tendon, and travels up my calf, and it’s not red or sore or swollen but now I’m worried. As I said, I’ve had the lump since surgery, and my whole AT is very thick, but I’ve noticed it’s more pronounced now. Has anyone else had this? Is it just my body telling me to slow down, or should I get it checked out? Any advice would be appreciated.
And good luck to everyone on their ATR journeys!



Comment by loufarr

April 8, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

I had a lump after surgery. The achilles is bound by the surgeon and reattached. That lump will be there for several months. You tendon is now thicker than it was and will be stronger. It takes quite awhile for the lump to recede and become “normal” again.

I was able to walk after surgery too, but my surgeon recommended that I wear a boot. Did you get that too?


Comment by 90daytrick

April 16, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

Yep, I’ve got a lump of scar tissue near the bottom of the scar. Thanks to some massage and physical therapy, it has been getting smaller. Maybe the size of a quarter right after surgery, now down to the size of a nickel. My therapist says it will continue to recede, albeit very slowly and may never go away completely. The fact that yours was more pronounced after the music festival is probably the result of some swelling - it’s not like scar tissue can build up in a single day. Elevate your foot and the swelling should go down quickly. If the swelling isn’t gone in say, 30 minutes, then maybe you should have it checked out.


Comment by Glen

April 29, 2009 @ 11:05 pm

I’m 8 months Post OP and I have a slight bump where my AT was reattached. Also, my AT is thicker. I would think it has to be. More support. I hear the bump where it was reattached will go down as time passes. Actually my AT I ruptured feels pretty strong. I can jog and make a few quick turns.

Hope this was helpfful

Good luck


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