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Now I start the one-shoe shuffle!

Filed under: Uncategorized — luliebelle at 10:55 pm on Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello all! Annie, thanks for the reply, this site has already been invaluable to me and I feel very lucky to have found it.
I saw my surgeon today for my second post-op review and it’s all good news for me! He’s really happy with the way my wound has healed and I have little or no scar tissue which I attribute to the zinc, vitamin C and silica supplements I’ve taken since the surgery. And even better, he’s letting me put weight on both feet and use one crutch for balance! I can’t believe it! It feels pretty weird and looks even weirder (I still don’t have full flexibility in my achilles) but it’s so nice to feel slightly “normal” again. He did tell me that he expected “a girl of your age and fitness to have more flexibility” (I’m 30, but I felt like a little kid when he said that!) so I’ve been given lots more exercises to do and I’m allowed to start swimming which will be lovely. Being able to do my silly one-shoe shuffle means I’ll be able to make cups of tea AND not have to get someone to carry it to my couch for me, I can make my own lunch, have a shower all by myself and soon I’ll be wearing 2 shoes. Ah, the things you take for granted once you’ve ruptured your achilles!
Good luck to everyone on their journey.



Comment by landlockedtxn

February 23, 2009 @ 7:40 am

good luck on being able to start swimming again…

with that being said, however, you need to think safety with all the water….most accidents happen when the boot, crutches, rollabout, etc go over a small patch of water…most of reinjuries take place in the bathroom at home cause the kids, whomever forgot to wipe up any little spots of water…this happened to me about 10 days post op, and it was a good thing I had a heavy duty cast on, or it would have ripped out like a piece of string…and it was still painful with the cast on when I landed in the floor.

have someone with you with lots of towels when you go, and swim a lot for me…the doc still wont let me in the water and I am 8 wks post op….

I know what you mean about showering by yourself, making your own food and carrying it, etc…it was so frustrating to not be able to even pick up something you dropped in the floor… good luck!!!


Comment by luliebelle

February 23, 2009 @ 2:44 pm

Thanks for the reply LANDLOCKEDTXN, you’re so right about being safe when using crutches around water. They definitely don’t mix! I’m still taking things very slowly and quietly and I’m lucky enough to have my beautiful Mum live just up the road from me. She’s offered to take me swimming a couple of times a week so I’ll be in very capable hands. I’m not really a swimmer, so I think I’ll do more floating and splashing than swimming but I can’t wait!
And I hope you’re back in the water really soon!


Comment by landlockedtxn

February 23, 2009 @ 6:21 pm

thanks, dear heart…
take care and enjoy yourself…am waiting for the doc to release me to travel so i can go to the gulf coast and walk on the sand….both the doc and physth therapist say not right now..cant wait…will be my treat to myself for surviving this…

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