Informal Poll

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It looks like a good portion of us ruptured the achilles playing basketball so maybe we can get a decent poll. When my rupture happened, I was wearing a very restrictive type of ankle brace because I have rolled my ankle so many times. I thought this could have possibly immobilized the achilles at the same time it was being stretched and contributed to the rupture. Anybody else wearing any type of ankle brace when their rupture occurred?

Stiff Stiff Stiff

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I went in for my 2nd post op appointment(5 weeks from surgery and 1st time with the surgeon). They removed my cast and said the wound was healing fine. After the surgeon left, they put me into a boot with 2 heel wedges and tried to put my foot in, and the foot wouldn’t let it. My original cast which I had on for 23 days(after 12 days of splint) had my foot pointed down as far as gravity would take it while sitting down. This boot is trying to get my foot to be neutral minus the 2 wedges which is about 1 in from 90 degrees. I didn’t really like all the tension and the surgeon had left already, so I told the boot technician that I would work on getting it to sit properly in the boot. When I went home, I put a small towel in the boot, to add another half inch of flex to the foot. It just seems to be way to stiff to flex this much right now. Do I just need to suck it up and let it flex or gradually flex it into position over the next couple of weeks?

How long have you been keeping your leg elevated?

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I am now 24 days post op and my leg still fills up with blood and become uncomfortable within minutes after standing upright. How long does this last?????????? Should this have stopped by now?

Pop goes the Achilles

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Popped my achillles on May 06, 2008 playing……yep….basketball. Drove home, then couldn’t take the pain anymore, so I went to the emergency room and had a “thompson test”. Immediately they knew it was blown. I got pretty lucky in that the ER trauma surgeon for the next couple of days was the ortho surgeon, who does the achilles repair at a rate of about once per week. After about two hours of sitting at the ER, I had surgery scheduled for the next day. Apparently this was pretty good timing. Rupture to Surgery < 20hrs. So, today is day 15 post op. I had a temporary splint removed on day 12 post op, and am supposed to the see the surgeon on June 4. I really hope he puts me in a boot then, so I can take a shower without the bag. I did talk to a guy when I went to get my cast, who had ruptured his in early January and he still had crutches!!!!! I am hoping this is not normal to have to use the crutches this long. I have shared some pics of my last visit, so take a look and comment. Bye for now.

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