First Soccer Game!

Hi all,

I was finally back to training two weeks ago. A week ago I had my first soccer game since my ATR in April,  and 2 more games since then. They were light games, I was just passing the ball around and changing directions in a very control manner. I do not feel ready to sprint yet but I am sure I will come with time. I push myself to never let the tendon get cold while playing, I am moving at all times, whenever I stop moving, I get back to motion slowly, after each game I can feel the tendon getting a really nice stretch.

The tendon feels strong now, but it still feels tight specially in the morning, I am afraid it might always be that way, I guess it could be too early to know that?  I have also noticed that I am a little more balanced than before the injury. Before, only my left side (injured side) would be very strong and balanced, but it seems that the PT has helped my less dominant leg too.

Funny thing is that my Surgeon thinks that I am not even jogging yet, he said he was going to let me do that after my next appointment which will be today in 3 hours. I am not bragging about not following his protocol, but if you read my older posts you will see I have not felt he cares too much about my recovery, it might be I am just too sensitive. So far I am very happy with the results of my surgery and think he is a great Surgeon, I guess that is what matters right?

I hope everyone is having a nice recovery!

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  1. runnerwannabe Said,

    August 18, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

    Congratulations!! So very encouraging. I’ts great to hear people getting back to ‘normal’ activity.

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