No more PT!

Hi everyone,

Today I have been told by my PT that I do not need more PT, that I can do the rest of the recovery from home by stretching and continuing the exercises. She also said I could start doing some light training to play soccer again but to work incrementally towards it. I am really excited about it, I am also aware I do not want to risk it playing competitively yet (not even in a month from now), but I think I can do some pick up games where I just jog and pass the ball around for now.

I told my PT that I still need to recover a lot more ROM and coordination. My PT gave a soccer ball and ask me to dribble, I felt good but I could see how uncoordinated my injured leg has become, She said that our muscles forget how to do things after a while, and just practice will make them remember.

One funny thinks is that as much as I would like to play, It will probably have to be in two weeks from now, as I have finals at school next week!

I hope everyone is doing fine, I will post again after my first game in two weeks  hopefully.

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