Second Appointment Post Surgery

Today was my second post surgery visit. Over the last week I have been enjoying some progress. By the third week, I was not using the crutches at all. I have been moving my foot up and down and doing clockwise and counter-clockwise circles with it. This has helped a lot as I have seen my range of motion improving. At the fourth week I have started going to gym, doing push up with out the boot in a very controlled maner, I also did some bench presses and finally I have been using the bicycle increasing my time by 2 minutes every session, this was also done in a very controlled manner. Using the bicycle especially felt really good, I hope I could do it everyday but since I lived 50 minutes from school and right now I do not have any need to go until school starts next week, I only go 3 times a week.

Today at my appointment, the doctor squeezed my calf and looked at my scar, the whole visit lasted 4 minutes. He told me, I can wear two shoes using a wedge on the injured leg. I have been scheduled for PT on this coming tuesday and I am looking forward to it.

For some reason I feel my doctor, although he might be a good surgeon, could do more to help me. I feel he has been getting upset whenever I asked him something, and I do not ask too much. Worse yet today I told him what I could do to help the healing process and he told me “nothing” “your calf will never be the same.” ¬†Fortunately I will be doing therapy in another city since I am moving out, and will only see him again in two months. Finally, I am also excited that I am moving minutes from school, and going to try to go 4 days a week to walk in its swimming pool. we’ll see!


  1. John Said,

    May 20, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

    i am at the same point as you are with the recovery and I’m just now told that I can discontinue the wear of the boot at home but to continue to use the boot when not at home for two more weeks before getting rid of it all together. The thing that eally upset me is that the PT is telling me this is based on some protocol she follows, but that protocol tells her to also to not allow me to do any flexing (pointing toes down) yet…It doesn’t make sense to me that I can walk around without support of the boot and push off like I normally would but not do any exercises to strengthen the tendon yet…maybe I am not seeing the difference between walking and flexing my foot. My surgeon is somewhat detached as well, but I don’t really see him that much. Good luck

  2. normofthenorth Said,

    May 21, 2011 @ 2:01 am

    God help us all from surgeons who are too busy and important to answer their patients’ questions!!

    With luck, your calf WILL be the same, Luis! And John, most rehab protocols restrict DORSIflexing (toes UP) for a while, but not PLANTARflexing (toes DOWN). It’s possible that your PT is reading the protocol wrong. (Compare it to the protocol at .)

    I’m assuming you’re talking about flexing your ankle in the air (no weight) or against a carefully controlled and moderate resistance — a loop of towel in two hands, or a Theraband, etc. Pushing your body weight up on the toes of both feet (and esp. on ONE foot) does usually wait a bit longer than 6 weeks post-whatever, as I recall.

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