First Appointment Post-Surgery

It has been two weeks from the surgery and today April 22 I visited my doctor, they cut the cast and prepared to take out the stitches, they explained that it might hurt. I started breathing deeply to prepare for the pain, but It did not hurt at all. They put 5 tiny bandaids around the wound, asked if I had brought my boot and the wedge for the heel.  Then the specialist asked me if I had any questions before he sends me home. I had already prepared some questions and concerns:

Me: When is my next appoitment?

Dr: In 4 weeks from now.

Me: What can I do to be proactive in my recovery?

Dr: Put weight on your leg as bearable and always using your Boot and heel wedge.

Me: Is the external wound completely healed?

Dr: It is 90% healed

Me: Can I sleep with out the Boot and shower normally?

Dr: You have to wear the Boot 90% of the time and always when sleeping, you can shower but do not soak your leg in water for too long.

Me: I guess I cannot walk in a swimming pool?

Dr: Wait until the bandaids fall off.

Me : That is all, Thank you! And see you in 4 weeks.

In the two weeks between the surgery and this appoitment, I showered an amazing total of two times using an elastic bag to cover the cast. I researched extensively about everything involving this injury, that is how I found out that David Beckham had this same injury on April of 2010 only months before the World Cup. He missed the Wold Cup, which he had been very diligently training for, and still had the perseverance to be back playing for LA Galaxy in October. I also read about the benefits of vegetables and fruits to heal injuries, and became really good moving around the house with crutches.

I have finally come to terms with my injury and started to think what I can get out of this? So far it has been education about my body, how to protect it and keep more healthy than before. I am trying to eat really healthy, snaking on carrots when anxiousness takes me over and consuming lots of fruits rich in vitamin C such as kiwis, since I read that vitamin C might encourage collagen production, which is the main component tendons are made of, and my body might consume it better in the form of fruit than in supplement pills. Eating healthy at the same time helps control my weight. Perhaps the above is not having any physical effect but for sure it is having a positive mental effect, and in this kind of injury the mind plays a very important role in the recovery process.

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