Doctor Visit

As I mentioned on my first post the injury was on sunday. By monday my wife suggested that I should see a doctor really soon, we went to an Urgent Care Clinic and they told us that a doctor could see as immediately. The Doctor looked at my leg and touched the area where the Achilles was supposed to be and showed me a hole taking that place. He asked me to lay on my stomach, having both feet off the bed. He then squeezed my calf and noticed that the left foot would not respond to it, while the right foot would move from side to side. He asked me to sit up and explain that I will most likely need surgery but that I should come tomorrow and see the specialist, meanwhile I was going to wear a cast.

The next day I saw the specialist who did the same test (squeezing my calves) and confirmed I would need surgery. The surgery was scheduled for Friday April the eighth, five days after the injury. I left the clinic wearing a boot and very scared about the prospect of the first surgery in my life. I was so scared that I forgot about the injury itself. While wating for the surgery and knowing what was ahead of me, I began to to do some planning of how I was going to move around the house, take care of my son, attend to school and just how my life was going to change from now on.

By Friday, the day of the surgery, I was doing a lot better going up and down the stairs, using the crutches, and had a medical withdraw from school, which was easy to petition once the adviser saw me on crutches and understood the seriousness of the injury. I was saying “Adios” to soccer for the rest of my life I felt.

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