Well just arrived home & feeling great. They decided I was ready for FWB!!!!  I explained my concerns about a reoccuring bunion & extremely weak knee.  She said the bunion was reaggravted by me walking on it without the tendon attached, thus all the weight was on my foot. The weak knee is expected & she said with FWB the knee should strengthen quickly.

I asked about massaging the scar area & where there seemed to be a lot of scar tissue.  She said have at it & do as much as I can bear.

I’m to start PT anytime so things are progressing better than expected.

A condition that is brought forth by one’s spouse rupturing their Achilles tendon & following surgery to repair said rupture. This syndrome is characterized by, but not limited to: Pity parties, anger, bouts of screaming & yelling, unability to understand or comprehend injured spouse and lack of apathy.

Happy New Year’s

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First time out since surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. Almost 5 weeks sunce leaving except for appointments!  ”The Boot” is feeling fine with PWB.

All be safe!  Enjoy amatuer night

Week 2 Post-Op

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Week 2 Post-Op. visit….stitches removed! All appears well. I was informed that I do possess a bunion (which was probably re-aggravated by rupture). Other than that, they’ll see me in 2 week with hopes of 20-30% PWB  Keep elevated & im still without a cast which is awesome as I can now enjoy a shower!

Better news is my chocolate covered macadamian nuts, hersey kisses w/macadamian nuts & macadamian nut m&m’s have arrived from Hawaii.

One step at a time. One things for sure, the injury has helped me enjoy the simple things.