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May 19 2013

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home therapy sessions:)

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As I am still unable to drive, I’ve been doing the basics of ATR therapy at home until schedules ease for myself and family.  A dear friend who happens to be a PT has done my initial measurements and given me some great exercises to work on until outpatient PT begins.

She also did some amazing myofascial release on the affected leg from the knee all the way to my toes~ WHAT AN AMAZING, HELPFUL PAINREDUCING EXPERIENCE!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. It was as if the “jammed-up” sensation in my heel,ankle and foot were released and lengthened!!!

Per surgeons okay, I have been walking barefoot around my home and even sleeping without the boot.  Although I am very leery , this actually feels like a nice change and somewhat normal again.  Walking downstairs is still very challenging to me- it just feels wrong and like another rupture waiting to happen. (Psychological?!)  Bit by bit I know it will come. . .

I am hoping to somehow cover the boot (any suggestions?) and do some weeding and planting of the beautiful flowers and plants I was given with speedy recovery wishes.  I have knee pads and a stool to sit on-but just need to get out to my therapy in the flower beds and such!!

Here’s to solid, on target healing and patience and joy in the process!!

:) Lydia

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