Mar 27 2013


. . .out of the ashes! :)

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That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger-right?! Although the night my achilles ruptured playing volleyball I truly suspected someone had physically attacked me with a cheap shot from behind. Much to my surprise I was still the only player on my side of the gym in the back row-only now I was down on the floor (head spinning) still trying to surmise just what took place. Both courts full of teams came running exclaiming that they had indeed heard the “shot” or “pop” but thought it was my knee. I quickly corrected them that it was my right achilles and a trip to the ER was now in order. I literally crawled to the exit with kneepads still in place. Many offered to help my upright, but the thought of my foot dangling with the possiblity of brushing it against someone or something was more than my body could take. Someone had thrown a bag of ice together and it felt heavenly on my lower calf on the trip into the ER. About halfway through the 30 minute trip to the hospital, the adrenaline started to slow and the throbbing painful pulse in my lower calf started to rear it’s ugly head. I had never noticed all the bumps on the interstate until that evening not so long ago. OUCH!!!
When we finally made it to the ER, I thankfully was the last patient to make it to the FAST TRACK before 9 pm-so I was taken right in. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a strained Gastroc Soleus and instructed that I should be able to walk on the injured limb within 2 days. Needless to say I called and followed up with my orthopedic Dr. asap. After seeing the amazing PA at the Ortho practice, I was scheduled for MRI that evening and a follow up appt. the next morning. The PA warned me that she felt it was ruptured- but wanted to see evidence of the extent of the injury. :( Had the late night MRI, followed up with the Surgeon in the morning and he scheduled the surgery for the next day. . . YIKES. . . I guess it was better that I didn’t have time to stress or over think things and as a mom of 5 I needed to make arrangements-QUICKLY!!
More to follow. . .

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  1. normofthenorthon 27 Mar 2013 at 7:15 pm 1

    Why are so many ER Docs so DUMB about this injury?!? Glad you knew to follow up. Many don’t, and have fewer and worse options –e.g. no chance for the new highly successful fast non-op treatment, and
    Maybe no simple surgery either.

    Sounds like you suffered more pain than most. Many of escaped almost pain-free, except for post-op where most of us moaned and groaned for a few days.

  2. lucaslon 27 Mar 2013 at 8:36 pm 2

    My thoughts exactly normofthenorth. Pretty sure the resounding “Pop” was a giveaway! :)

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