Mar 27 2013


Mobi legs and Knee Walker arrival. . .

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So we decided at our household that in order to ensure a safe and comfortable??? recovery from ATR, I should order what others suggested who had been through this long, strange trip. 

Yesterday I found out that our insurance company covered 80% of the Knee Walker rental which meant our share was a doable $6.38 per month.  We faxed in the script from the ortho and around noon today there was a knock at the door and a fine young man delivered a brand new Drive Med knee walker.  What a saving grace!!  I plan on starting back at work on Monday and this will make all the difference in a safe transition and eased mobility around a 900 plus student Grade School. 

Via UPS from California, my new and improved crutches~ MOBI legs~ also came in the mail.  After using crutches since March 5th, I knew there had to be a better alternative and I found it.  After learning there were no carriers in our NE area, I asked the company if they offered any discounts since insurance was not an option and they gave me a $30 voucher/coupon- so the total cost was $99 and worth every penny!!

No more chaffing under the arms nor numbness/burning in the palms of my hands.  We will get through this, and hopefully be stronger for it.

Thank you all for offering your wisdom and advice and paving the way for new ATRs.  Sleep well and hope you find the perfect position to alleviate pain  tingling and enhance REM!!

Sweet Dreams and Healing Thoughts!!

Lydia ;)

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  1. Luv2strideon 28 Mar 2013 at 2:22 pm 1

    I’m only 7 days post-op but my knee scooter has facilitated my independence in the house (incl getting things for myself in the kitchen, restroom). Also nice to use as a leg rest when I want to change positions sitting on the couch. Just ordered the same crutches per recommendations of other ATR blog. Be well!

  2. lucaslon 31 Mar 2013 at 6:53 pm 2

    Thank you and safe and solid recovery to you. I start back at work tomorrow and am hopeful it all goes well! :)
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  3. kkirkon 01 Apr 2013 at 11:37 am 3

    I spent 2 months out of my classroom and it was difficult, but the knee scooter I rented was a life saver for handling things around the house. I wouldn’t of been able to function with out it. Good luck wit your recovery.

  4. lucaslon 06 Apr 2013 at 9:33 am 4

    Just completed my first week back at work and it went very well. The knee walker was invaluable for motoring around the entire school and to and from the restroom. I left the kw at school during the week days and used the mobi’s in and out of transportation and into the school. Great combination. So thankful for those that have imparted their ATR wisdom!! Healing Thoughts!! and best wishes!!! :)
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