Celebrated the 10-month anniversary of my surgery with a workout at the local sports park shooting hoop, after managing to get through the end of the lacrosse season with only some mild bruises and scrapes and general soreness. Still have more work to do, but the strength continues to come back in the bad wheel and I am sloooooooooooowly starting to get over the tremendous mental and emotional hurdle of really putting it to work. Broke down and bought a new multi-gym for our rental house here in Zurich, so with the elliptical and weights downstairs I should be able to continue more and more serious rehab even as the weather turns to winter. The repaired achilles is still mich bigger and wider than the other one and the scar is very much still there, but the swelling has disappeared and the peroneal and other soreness caused by the weak ankle muscles has faded, as well. Still tight in the morning but even that continues to improve!!!

Here is some video of the 10-month anniversary workout:

And here I was at the 14.5 week mark:

Work has picked up quite a bit and we get about a 2 month break before winter training for lacrosse starts for my oldest son and I, so I’ll get some time to rest up and really focus on building more intensity and duration into the workouts and rehab regimen. The workout now generally consists of stretching and core work, 60 minutes of cardio (elliptical when it’s cold or running and basketball/football drills when the weather permits) and then weights (3x a week on the weights). Besides the usual agility drills and jump rope, have also added in standing sprints (where you put your hands on a wall and then run in place at about a 45 degree angle), basically a sled drill without a coach screaming at you - the standing sprints in particular are excellent for rebuilding leg strength as well as confidence in the repaired leg.

As always, best of luck to everyone in their various phases of recovery…