Healing long?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on this site (which, by the way, kept me sane during my Achilles recovery ) but, unfortunately little ‘achilles related’ things keep popping up. I’m wondering if anyone in the Achilles world knows what’ healing long’ means ? I’m thinking that maybe that applies to my healed achilles as no matter what kind of stretches I do, I feel no tension on the achilles but the tendon from my knee to groin is very tight and is causing some difficulty. As it was a ‘right leg rupture’, it’s my gas pedal foot and I’m finding that after driving for about half an hour I have pain in the upper leg which is only alleviated if I put my hand under my thigh which isn’t conducive to safe driving.
Any ‘healed’ Achilles people out there who have had the same problem?

To those who have just injured themselves - take heart - life does get back to normal - almost!

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  1. Healing long is a term used to describe an AT length discrepancy after surgery. it can be measured by ultrasound but in your case the best check would be using an ortho device called a goniometer which measures your ankle flexion compared to the unaffected side. You would have difficulty pushing off while walking. I doubt this is the problem if you do not have a limp. Your upper leg pain is not your AK but more likely sciatica. Do you drive with your wallet in your right back pocket? If so, that is the cause. This is common in long distance drivers. Hope this helps. I have had two AT ruptures and and a lot of time to think and study this stuff. Also an MD.

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