Much more optimistic re: full recovery

Happy, happy, happy - periformis strain seems to under control so now I can concentrate on stengthening my achilles which, I didn’t realize, runs the length of the foot as well as up the calf - hence the difficulty with heel raises. I am now, on my PT’s recommendation, doing heel raises (still supported somewhat on one unless I hop) at every convenient opportunity. Probably shouldn’t throw myself on a restaurant table but do have to restrain myself. Using the scale( with a similar height board beside it, achilles foot on scale) pressing the achilles foot til the scale shows half my body weight to be sure I’m not relying on my ‘good’ foot, biking, swimming, doing aquafit, becoming mellow doing yoga (wasn’t too popular when my cell phone jarred everyone back to earth - darn memory)……… and can now walk a short distance with NO LIMP. I can tell that as soon as the foot is stronger and I can roll off the toes, things should progress more quickly. I can now, with cautious optimism, see that a full recovery is possible. It will be nice to give my brain a rest from ‘achilles thoughts’. You know the - well, I’d better do some exercises, should I cross country ski this year - no, yes, no, well - maybe, boogie board?? dance??? jump with wild abandon????

Be Gone Achilles thoughts, BE GONE. The world is my oyster - I think! Keep up the good fight everyone and happy healing!

5 Responses to “Much more optimistic re: full recovery”

  1. I still remember a rehab milestone when I first noticed that I hadn’t been thinking about my leg for a few minutes — and then an hour, then a day…

    Of course, now I can’t make it through most days without thinking about SOMEBODY’s leg! ;-)

  2. Great news, Loumar! It certainly sounds like you are through the worst of it. I think there’s no stopping you now. Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice post Loumar. No straight line to the finish for me either. The lengthy and curvy road back certainly makes this a mental challenge.

  4. Norm: Your comment made me smile. You have definitely become the ‘Achilles rupture guru’. It has always been comforting to me to know that you were there.

    Kellygirl and bionic, Thanks for the comments. I always feel good when I see that you’re both still around too - feeling the ‘achilles bond’!

  5. Great post. Absolutely inspiring to hear of your progress.

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