My Shortlived ‘High’!

Been awhile since I’ve posted re: my ‘high’ and my new ‘limpless’ walk. Seems I was a bit premature. Frustration has set in as I still have quite the limp unless I’m really concentrating and taking small, very small steps. Seems I’ve developed bursitis in my ‘good’ hip and now can’t do the most recent physio assigned exercises because of the hip pain. I even have to ‘peg’ leg up stairs to avoid the pain. Of course, a few of my activities have aggravated the hip - overzealousness at aquafit utilizing my ‘good’ leg as my ‘bad’ leg tired, lugging two kayaks (one at a time) whilst portaging this weekend when a friend and I got caught in big surf on the north coast of Vancouver Island , trying to keep up on walks while on the same camping trip etc. Now, I’m in a quandry - am supposed to be going to Hawaii on the 20th of November with some friends but am seriously wondering if that’s a good idea considering my present status. Questions raging through my head in the wee hours of the night - Will I be able to at least walk in tourist style? Is it too early to take the chance of going out of country with my 5 month benchmark recovery when, if any problem arises, my insurance would not cover medical expenses as it would be a ‘pre-existing’ condition. Decisions, decisions…….. Darn! Physio on Tues. - maybe she has a miracle cure for my hip and can give me some input to help my indecisive thinking!!!! Any advice from fellow bloggers will be greatly appreciated.

Glad to hear so many of you are recovering well. I am always impressed with everyone’s positive attitudes as well as the grit and determination shown.

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  1. Hi Lou,
    Sorry to hear about your hip pain. I know what you’re going through with the holiday dilemma. At 10 weeks we went to NYC from UK and I had the same dilemma re insurance etc. I eventually decided that if it re ruptured I would just pay for a cast and refuse all scans etc to keep the cost down, then sort out the leg when I got home. You should be beyond re rupturing by 5 months surely? Its nearly 2 months away and if you’re kind to your self you may be in much better condition by then. Live life to the full!

  2. Thanx Micah 1 - you’re right!

  3. I went to Hawaii while in vacocast. Ended up in the water with the cast. Probably did a bit too much in terms of activity and if there was a time during healing so far (at 13 weeks) where it I came close to rerupturing, the top 5+ times would all be during those two weeks in Hawaii.(approx week6-8)

    In a worst case scenario, can you fly back early you don’t incur huge medical costs? Consider that insurance that you only pay for if you need. You are a relatively short flight away. It’s not going to be necessary, but the peace of mind might help you enjoy your trip.

    Not sure if you intend to have cell phones there, but look into getting a couple of numbers or getting a temporary roaming plan. Not sure if once you get there you will be in resort or driving. But with cells, if you need to sit or rest, it’ll make it easier to rejoin your friends.

    My guess is that a cane (foldable if you wish) can be a very light and easy device that can permit you to FWB but ever so slightly correct a walk to get things back on track. You may wish to try one out.

    My guess is you’ll have a great time in Hawaii.

  4. Loumar,

    Sorry, when I was talking about top 5 times came close to re-rupturing…I meant to encourage you. I meant to say despite being quite active, I did not re-rupture. Keep in mind I was also at weeks 6-8. I was in Vacocast except during evening at home. I was also surgical in case that makes a difference to you. You will have a great trip.

  5. Bionic and Micah… way to go on your travels during recovery. I am rather jealous of both your trips. Lou - go to Hawaii. How awesome.

    I get out of my boot 9 October, and I have a few trips planned for October. I’ve already decided that since I won’t be able to stand on my tippy toes to get my overhead luggage in, I’m probably wearing my boot. I’m rather overprotective now if you can believe it.

    So, could either of you tell me what is was like wearing the boot or vacocast going thru US security? Will I have to take it off?

    Thanks. Take Care.

  6. Does bursitis diminish with rest? Perhaps more work in the pool will loosen it up while not putting too much stress on it. Seems like Hawaii would be a great place to get some swimming in. I don’t know about the insurance issues but seems like it would be a shame to cancel at this point. If you need to rest, perhaps you can spend a day at the pool/beach. Do you have a handicap placard? That would ease up on the long walks from parking lots if your hip/leg is bothering you. It sounds like a fun trip and I hope that you can enjoy it!

  7. Lou…. I forgot to mention, I had deltoid bursitis. It’s pretty painful and mine didn’t go away with rest. But that’s me. My doctor prescribed Voltaren, which is a super strong anti inflammatory. It took like 4 days and the pain was gone and hasn’t returned.

    I had some left when I ruptured my achilles the first time and I took it which is probably why I thought I was getting better.

    You should pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments. Congrats and go have fun on your vacation.

    Take Care.

  8. Thanks for all the encouragement and comments everyone! I am going to Hawaii. First of all, I’ve failed in my internet doctoring . Turns out I don’t have bursitis but rather have a tight/strained ‘periformis’ (deep hip muscle) which has been caused by my weak glutes (atrophied somewhat during the boot stage - which evidently can’t be prevented when in a boot and non weight bearing) and the extra stress on my good leg. The good news is that I should be fine by Hawaii date. (How could I complain about such a trivial problem with all that is going on in the world?) I had acupuncture to release the muscle, have to rest and then am to start with ‘gentle’ glute stretching etc….. Thank goodness for physiotherapists. So, keep those clam shells going everyone and up your glute exercises - keep your ‘periformis’ happy.

  9. SJG I missed your query about the boot and airport. I had to remove the boot at each airport.

  10. SJG, I wore an aircast through several airports in 2011, both the US and internationally. I didn’t have to take it off (except maybe in Spain??), but they did wipe it down with one of those cloths that detect explosives residue.

  11. Thanks Bionic and Upstate. I will definitely be out of the boot, but I’m going to LA next month. I’m pretty sure I will wear it traveling. I’m only 5′0 and it will be natural inclination to stand on my tippy toes to put my luggage in the overhead or run to the gate because I’m always underestimating how much time I need. The boot can keep me humble and protected.

    Take Care.

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