I’m high!

I’m high . Amazing how the little ‘victories’ in this long struggle are so HIGH! Worked really hard at the physio yesterday and have managed to almost get rid of my limp entirely. Just have to continue to strengthen the glutes and to watch my stride. Apparently my good leg stride was twice as long as the ‘bad’ leg - caused by clomping around in that boot for so long. So, for the first time since ditching the boot, I can see that a normal walk is just around the corner. Some of the new exercises are a little daunting and took some courage to do the first time. When the physio explained the ‘heel drop’, I said, "Are you kidding?" "Nope’, she replied. "From now on alot of your physio will be aimed at rebuilding trust in your achilles." Took me a few attempts to put faith in the ‘drop’ but did finally manage it. Will we ever get rid of that nasty fear of re-rupture?

2 Responses to “I’m high!”

  1. Woo Hoo Lou!!!! Congrats on your progress. I’m really happy for you.

    As for getting rid of that nasty fear of re-rupture. Well, I did re-rupture for reasons not entirely my own. I guess you can say my feelings of being superhuman are dashed. Ha. If you were to re-rupture, you have the tools to pick yourself up and go forward with confidence. You’ve earned your success so celebrate yourself!

    Keep us posted on your progress. Take Care.

  2. Terrific news, Loumar! I’m thrilled to hear that the limp is going away. Keep up the good work :)

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