One small concern

At my final ortho visit at week 12, I forgot to mention my one concern. The concern is that when I do a full body stretch - the early morning still in bed mostly involuntary one- I get a severe cramp in my upper calf. While it seems as though it lasts for a lengthy time it’s probably about 5-10 seconds during which I’m grasping the calf, gritting my teeth and doing a bit of moaning. Anyone else experience this? Is this a concern or will it disappear as the old achilles completes it’s healing journey?

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  1. Now this is something I am acquainted with! I think it’s normal–or at least normal to you and me :) I always stretch first thing in bed–but have had to temper those stretches to avoid the cramp! It has been getting better though–but I am still careful not to stretch too hard.

  2. This happened to me a little bit around week 14-16 (give or take) and m doc said not to worry about it and it would go away as I build more of the muscle back. I honestly can’t remember how long it lasted.

  3. It sometimes happens to me years later, and I’m not sure which calf I get them in! (An important milestone in ATR recovery is not thinking of your legs as “good” and “bad” — Sure, it helps to have torn both ATs, but that’s only part of it!)

    My wife gets calf cramps more frequently than I, sometimes waking her up. She’s never had an ATR, so I think it’s way more common than that. . .

    When the ATR is still very new, calf cramps can be hazardous and occasionally get treated, with anti-spasmodic pills (like the Robax drugs for backaches).

  4. Thanks for the responses everyone - my ‘one small concern’ is no longer a concern!

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