But Norm - saying ‘No physio’? I do understand why dr.’s are afraid of going overboard and doing too much too soon. My discontent and concern ( actually more for his future Achille’s rupture patients than for myself) centres on the fact that he gave me no advice re: rehab/physio and I really believe recovery would have less than satisfactory results. I felt that he wasn’t informed on the benefits of physio  to both the physical and mental health of the ATR patient. I certainly do respect your opinion, however. You must feel somewhat gratified to see that we, on the forum, regard you as the ATR guru and you are definitely the ‘go-to’ guy. We all really appreciate you.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Louise. (As of early Aug. 3, this post still needs a title. Did you mean to post it as a reply to your previous page?)

    I can find lots to criticize in what your Doc told you, don’t get me wrong. And I share your sense of responsibility to his future ATR patients. (Please do send him a carefully worded letter on their behalf!) But for a few seconds there, I was feeling the frustration of a Doctor who treats a bunch of patients who are fragile and vulnerable for the first time since they were infants, and REALLY want to get back ASAP to the vigorous athletic activities that have become such a big part of their lives.

    Meanwhile, however many reruptures happen to “non-compliant” patients, the evidence indicates that lots more are caused by over-slow rehabs — and maybe by the lack of PT, too, though there’s precious little direct evidence for that.

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