Signed off - free to go?

Well, I’ve been released by my ortho. He felt the good tendon, felt the Achilles tendon saying, " The scar tissue is forming nicely , it will eventually join with the tendon and make it stronger. Your tendon right now is still very weak  and it will take up to a year for a full recovery. So, carry on you don’t need to come back unless you have a problem."  I don’t want to be too critical of this particular doctor as he did advise the conservative care and he followed the standard protocol BUT his total lack of any kind of rehabilitation advice, specifically no physiotherapy, has me pretty discouraged. If I had not been pro-active re: my recovery and found this site, done reading etc., I think I would be a physical disaster. I had gone to the appointment with the intention of trying to change his opinion on ‘ It’s too early for physio’ and ‘physio doesn’t help’ however, the ortho clinic was busy , and I didn’t think the timing was right. But REALLY - no suggested exercises, no helpful tips, no precautions, no wondering as to why my scar tissue was forming nicely (thank you PT and foam roller). GRRR……. and, I think about other Achilles patients who may not have the confidence or skills to research on their own and I wonder how a doctor , who does promote conservative care can be so ill informed as to the importance of rehab. Norm, would you like to be my mystery writer and send me a letter I might forward to him?

Okay - time to let this issue go and get on with the healing! Am working hard to get rid of the darn limp. My PT’s tip of putting my hand on my hips while walking to ‘catch’ the hip when it drops and to correct it seems to be working. Heading to the pool today, to do ‘water walking’ - forward, back, sideways etc. Extra pounds - it’s time to go! I will not think about ‘it takes a year to recover’ - I WILL NOT!  On with the day, positive spirit engaged!!!! Thanks for listening to me vent!!!

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  1. It might well take a year for ‘full’ recovery but don’t think of it like that. Set shorter term milestones (with rewards?) that may be a little difficult but probably achievable.

    Has your physio given you a printed programme to keep by you at home? Lots of us have needed the motivation from just seeing that piece of paper sitting there reminding us.

  2. Hi Lou….. congrats on being free.

    I was just thinking the same thing as you mentioned. This weekend as it felt like my leg was being nibbled on by baby pirhanas, I thought to myself, I wish I could shop for doctor by the protocol. I don’t really want to have a wrestling match with the doctor but he does know his science. I would like to think I have some input and i don’t want the same protocol he gives to everyone else and I feel like that is road I am going on.

    When I was non-op the doctor wasn’t going to prescribe PT so I wonder if that is still the game plan, then I will call my insurance and find out if I have to have a referral and I will go myself.

    I am very happy for your milestone, and your blog posts have been comforting and helpful.

    I hope you continue to post about your progress. So very happy for you. xoxo

  3. My doctor says the same thing every time I see him–that this is a long recovery and can take a year to get back to normal. Tendons take time–lots and lots of time.

    In spite of your Doctor, it sounds like you are in good spirits and doing extremely well! (I seriously doubt any kind of letter is going to make a difference to him.)

    Keep on charging ahead! Looking forward to hearing how you progress!

  4. Don’t forget that there are some ATR patients who hurt themselves by going nuts and doing too much too soon. And Doctors’ nightmares seem to be dominated by those patients. So a BIT of preaching to be patient makes sense, even if you don’t believe the old myth that slower rehab is safer than faster. (And when Norm sticks up for the Doctors. . . :-) )

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