I’m free - just me!

No boot, no cane - just me! I should be shouting from the roof tops and, I am BUT I can see there’s still a lot of work to do. My physio this morning was pretty intensive and the PT says, " Now the hard work begins!"  I’m up for the challenge . One foot [...]

PT Pain - The ‘owwww’ is now ‘oww’.

Had another PT appointment yesterday and am happy to report that while her ‘massaging’ the glob of scar tissue on  one side of my tendon hurt it was not quite as painful as the first time around. The PT did an admirable job of trying to distract me whilst doing her stroking ‘thumbs of steel’ [...]

PT Pain - “Owwww”

Well, I’m off to another PT appointment and am not looking forward to it. I’m trying to tell myself that I’m strong, I can endure the pain but owwww…. After reading some other blogs re: pain during physio, I felt a tad superior as up to that point my physio appointments had been rather pleasant [...]

Adjusting to 2 shoes - SLOWLY

So, I’m a week into 2 shoes but think I have probably been going a little too slowly. I have been told that I can walk around the house, using crutches, without my beloved boot. It seems, however, that I’m more in the garden, out shopping, visiting friends,etc. so my actual walking time without the [...]

2 shoes - sort of…..

Well, I’m on to the next stage - 2 shoes - sort of. Was very excited to be going to my 8 week visit with the orthopedic surgeon (now, why was I referred to a surgeon when I didn’t have surgery?). Anyway, was quite disappointed with the appointment as I don’t feel he was very [...]