Eight months post-op

August 10th, 2016

hello!!! Been a while since I posted, partly because I’m so useless at remembering my passwords and secondly because I’ve started to do ‘normal’ stuff again and making up for lost time.

I know when I first started reading the blogs on this site I couldn’t imagine getting back to any sort of normality but the reality is, it does actually happen…I think the turning point for me came when I switched physio…having been told by my nhs physio at the beginning of May I was probably as ‘good as it gets! I made an appointment to see a private physio who had been recommended.  Oh my word, boy did the first session hurt, but I walked out feeling as if I was on air.

Two months since that first session, I’m now focussing on building strength back in my right leg, the limp has gone, tho I do have some pain in hip on occasions.  Because I needed a tendon transfer to repair rupture, my big toe still does not have much movement so lunges barefoot are awkward-anyone got any advice on how they retrained toe?

I’ve still got a way to go, I’m not yet running any distance, but every few days I cross something else off the list…even using an escalator on my own for the first time post-op felt like a huge achievement! .

At one stage I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far, but i’m learning to trust my instincts, and not beat myself up if I ache after a physio session so take it easy, I just make sure I always walk everyday at least.  I’ve got physio tomorrow, so just preparing for the session.

Good luck everyone and keep going

Hydrotherapy…small steps

April 13th, 2016

hello…it’s been a few wks since I posted, but it’s great to keep reading about others progress .

Tomorrow, I’ll be 20 wks post op and finally feel as tho I’m making progress (don’t get me wrong, I’ve  still got a long way to go

Better late than never!!

March 21st, 2016


Having never met anyone before my accident who had had an ATR finding this site has been my saviour and given me back hope that ‘in time’ I might get back to my pre-accident activity.

On 28 March, it will be 6 months since I was knocked over by a car whilst crossing a road. Initially I was pleased not to have broken anything, and was sent home from hospital with crutches unable to weight bare and complaining of severe pain in my right calf. Six weeks later, still in significant pain, I saw my GP (I had self-referred to physio who assured me I hadn’t done anything to tendons and didn’t require a scan).   GP performed Thompson test, and concerned I had ruptured, spoke with local hospital fracture clinic.

I had an emergency appt with consultant the following morning, who took  one look at my leg and photos I took at time of accident and said I had ruptured Achilles. Scan 10 days later confirmed this.

Due to the delay, I required a surgical repair (tendon transfer) and had surgery 8 wks after the original accident.  I was in a cast and nwb for 4  and had to have daily fragmin injections for 6 wks.

I’m now able to wear trainers, after 12 wks wearing boot, tho still need 2 crutches to walk. I’ve started physio and have been referred for hydrotherapy. My current challenge is to be able to fully straighten my right leg, and regain flexibility in ankle. From reading the different blogs, there seems to be a huge difference in the way ATR are treated. With those in the UK being treated more conservatively.

Talking with my PT, I am now playing catch up, in regaining flexibility in my ankle and until I do, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to walk.

my biggest fear is re-rupture, but I’m starting to go stir crazy and missing my regular activity-I didn’t realise just how active I was…any tips or advice for managing the fear would be appreciated.

Thank you