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7 weeks post-op, walking

Posted in Uncategorized by lotus10 on the August 22, 2010

I’ve had 2 weeks of physical therapy now, 2 times a week. I could have taken the boot off probably 2 weeks ago, but kept it on for work. My work for the last 2 weeks involved a lot of walking in the hospital for approximately 8-10 hours a day, so my surgeon and my PT suggested that I keep the boot on. I had been walking in the boot, without a cane, for the last 2 weeks.

Now I’m off that rotation for a while, so since yesterday I’ve not worn it morning to night. The problem is, what shoes to wear. Yes I was recommended to wear gym shoes, but frankly the bad foot does not fit! It doesn’t even look that swollen but it won’t fit.

Walking isn’t smooth - my upper body gets all out of sorts and it takes a lot of concentration. Yesterday I did take the cane with me when I went outside. Of the exercises, standing on the bad leg alone is the most difficult. I really don’t enjoy my PT sessions, but I am being pushed and I think that’s good. I resent being told “it’s because you’re afraid” when I can’t do certain things; sometimes my body physically cannot do it! I feel like my range of motion and strength are usually 1 week behind what is expected out of me.

Considering where I was 7 weeks ago, though, I know this is progress.

5 weeks post-op and PT

Posted in Uncategorized by lotus10 on the August 4, 2010

I was supposed to go see my surgeon for my second visit at 6 weeks post-op, but due to my work schedule, went in today. I worked this past weekend, and by the end my foot was quite worrisome: swollen to the point I couldn’t separate my toes, dusky and warm around the incision. Tried not to panic, although the warmth really worried me - took Advil, iced, elevated and it took 2 full days to look and feel like before the weekend. Also it felt unusually stiff and sore, it wasn’t so easy on one crutch anymore, I began to wonder if I re-ruptured it sometime while working. From what I read around here, some people don’t even know they tore it, right?

But the surgeon examined it and said it is indeed still attached. He also said it’s time to start physical therapy (2-3 times a week, 1 hour each) and that I could come out of the boot. “Um I don’t think so,” I told him, and also about my initial 5-heel-wedges. I had just got down to 2. He said, really, I should be coming off crutches, the boot, fairly soon. I was flabbergasted that I was behind his schedule - and insisted that I still need the boot, the wedges, and a cane instead of a crutch. I think he was a bit puzzled and said “well we can get you a cane but… really, you’ll come off all these soon…” and told me to come back in another 6 weeks.

I said humph to myself and went to the hospital’s pharmacy and bought a cane for $19.99. While I’m probably 80-90% bearing weight on the bad leg, there was just no way I was going to walk without some support.

And I went to physical therapy today. (I found out my copay is $40 a session and argued with my insurance company, “do you want me to be contractured and sustain another injury? huh?” but to no avail. I don’t think I’ll pay more than $600 for this whole ordeal including surgery, but PT is going to cost me more than that! Way to go US healthcare.)

The therapist evaluated me for an hour and apparently I am behind where I should be. I was like, I’m behind your schedule too? She wrote out several exercises for me, and although I should be grateful that I am far more mobile than 3 weeks ago, I have a feeling I am not going to enjoy this phase of recovery. It’s more the fear of re-rupturing, I know it happens but - right now, I just can’t think of going through this again.

Anyway, the surgeon and therapist both thought swimming would be good. I’m a bit afraid about slipping on the way to the pool. 4-6 months til tennis, even the machines, where I know the ball’s coming.