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24 days post-op: getting used to the boot

Posted in Uncategorized by lotus10 on the July 26, 2010

PWB-with-crutches really took me a while to get used to. It was like walking on eggshells. When I got home after the ortho visit, I went online and ordered more socks and more heel-wedges. The sole was barely touching the bottom of the boot. At first, the range of motion exercises were barely discernible. I wondered how the leg would ever recover to pre-injury shape.

Again I worked that weekend, but put the good leg in a platform-soled sandal. I know, horrifying to some. But it was the only way I could achieve an even balance. And it made a difference, to be at a level height.

When the heel wedges arrived, I stuffed until my leg was just comfortable, and it took a total of 5 wedges! This probably added up to close to 3 inches of height, then there was the boot itself. I questioned if I should even be in this boot, if it’s taking this much support - but after reading other people’s blogs here, figured I’ll remove a wedge every 5-7 days. I’m now down to 3.

Things didn’t feel that much better at first. Showering was still precarious, going down the stairs always daunting. But I realized that it’s close to impossible to re-tear if you’re in a boot - I’m sure it happens - but I tried to wear it as much as possible, until it got unbearably hot or a couple of times a day for ROM exercises - which was painfully slow, but I could tell small differences every few days.

Then about 2 days ago there was a breakthrough: I just knew that I could place the bottom of the boot with a little more weight on it than before. Then I was standing up from sitting without using crutches. And then I took a few small steps without crutches at all. It’s like Bambi learning to walk. I haven’t done a crazy amount of walking this way yet; I think, if it feels like “maybe it’s too much” you’re probably right. And reading the re-tearing stories has me paranoid.

I still don’t know the moral of my injury; it still pisses me off and go through moments of “why me?”, but slowly, things are better. I guess it’s the wonder of the human body, its ability to heal, in ways we don’t completely understand.