Cabin fever setting in

Well its 13 days since I completely ruptured my AT and 11 days since surgery - in my mind I’m kidding myself its 2 weeks since surgery. The clamps and first plaster cast come off next  Thursday. I’m deluding myself that I’ll then be deemed to be a fast healer and given a boot so I can go partial weight bearing and go back to work - but I guess realistically that is a pipe dream.

Love this site - but people have so many differing experiences - good and bad.  The traditional view is that it’s a 12 week recovery period but that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case.  I’m British and had my operation on the NHS within 36 hours and did have excellent treatment. I’m hoping that will continue - although I’ve already been advised when the time comes to pay for private physio.

Any one been through NHS surgery a few weeks ahead of me that can advise what I should ask for next week - re fibre plaster cast/ boot etc? Or even what to expect?

best to everyone