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Posted on September 23rd, 2009 at 10:23 am by lopo1969 and

I thought I would update the blog as I haven’t visited much lately.  I have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall, where I walked across cliff tops, climbed up hill faces, wandered, strolled, trotted, basically did everything I would normally do, before the dreaded ATR. I can even wear my beloved heels, even if it is only for a couple of hours at the moment.


I would never have believed it 16 weeks ago, but I’m almost back to where I was before May 29th.  I still have some swelling and a few aches and pains at the end of the day. My partner soothes these away with his healing hands and a quick massage (bless him).


I can stand on both tiptoes, and almost, almost do a single heel lift on the injured leg, not quite but I can see it coming over the horizon. I’m still attending physio but I think my next visit will be the last, and I will be advised to carry on with the exercises at home, as I have been doing.


If you have just ruptured your Achilles, take heart, be patient, and listen to the professionals.  Don’t run before you can walk, literally and figuratively. it is totally worth all the frustration of immobility in the early stages. It will get better.  Keep on keeping on.


Happy Healing everyone,  Love Louise xxx

Comments so far:

Link Here | September 24, 2009,

Well done - that’s so great to hear!
Gives us all hope of getting back to normality at some point!
Best wishes,

Comment by sam66

Link Here | September 24, 2009,

Well done - very encouraging. I’m a way back, but 12 weeks is not so very long in the overall scheme of things.

Comment by smoley

Link Here | September 24, 2009,

Thank you for the post, Louise.
It is very encouraging to hear stories like yours.
I am looking forward to my first hike, too.

Comment by 2ndtimer |

Link Here | September 25, 2009,

Thank you for your comments, I am 8 wks post op and start PT in two weeks. It is nice to have hope of becoming active and normal again. My husband and I do a lot of hiking as well.

Comment by linda lou

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