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Stretch and Burn!
Posted on August 7th, 2009 at 9:01 am by lopo1969 and

1st physio appointment today!  Up I limped and was ushered through to my cubicle, where a lovely, fresh faced Physio, who looked like fitness personified, asked lots of questions and listened patiently while I regaled her with what I thought was a very amusing version of my ruptured Achilles.  She smiled in all the right places, and then got to work.


I walked/limped up and down a few times while photos were snapped and notes were noted.  Then some rigorous manipulation and testing to see how far the tendon would stretch.  Better than I thought, but disturbingly she did notice that my right ankle (and so far my good ankle) was not aligned properly and may need some correction in the future, so a swift referral to the podiatrist may be in order, I’ll keep you posted.


Anyhoo, where was I….?  Oh yes….then she turned her attention to the swelling. After having a good old feel round, she concluded that this is not due to imflamation, rather it’s down to oedema.  A viscous fluid which is building up due to the fact that my calf and ankle aren’t working to pump this into the lymphatic system.  So she showed me a massage technique for the foot, ankle and calf that HAS to be done every night for 15 minutes to reduce the swelling.  How my partner is going to love this, bless him, I think he thought his tender mercies were no longer required, but alas no, duty calls My Love.


Armed with some gentle stretching exercises, to be done 3 times a day for the next week, I hobbled out, beaming and feeling ready for anything.


It’s strange but for the first time since the accident I feel like I can positively contribute to my recovery now, and it’s a huge step (no pun intended) forward psychologically.


Until next week and the real strengthening exercises begin, Happy Healing folks xx

Comments so far:

Link Here | August 7, 2009,

Must be amazing to finally be able to actually do something with the injured leg. Can’t wait to be in your position. Best of luck with the physio.

Comment by sam66

Link Here | August 16, 2009,

Hi Lopo,
How about this then:
we both live in Pompey;
we both ruptured our achilles tendon;
we were both dancing;
we were both born in 1969!

Great to hear about your recovery, it gives me hope for the future (only 1 week since ATR for me).
All the best for the rest of the NYC marathon!

Comment by highflyer

Link Here | August 20, 2009,

Hello Highflier,
I haven’t actually had a look at your youtube clip yet, not sure if I can look at a fellow sufferes pain just yet. On the face of it it seems like so many coincidences doesn’t it, both in Portsmouth, both injured while making merry, but it just goes to show what a common injury it is. So many people came out of the woodwork and told similar stories about ATR injuries when I did mine. I highly recommend the conservative route. It might take a bit longer but it’s work not worrying about possible complications. How are you doing? what stage are you at?


Comment by Lopo1969

Link Here | August 30, 2009,

Hi Lou,
I am now just colming up for my first 3 week appointment at QA (1st Sept) - expect to go into the next cast then. How long was it before you got into the boot, my darling wife (she of the wet wipes who cleans my toes!) & I go on hols to Egypt at about the 6 week mark, so would love to be PWB by then.
Are you feeling the benefits of your phisio yet?

Comment by highflyer

Link Here | August 31, 2009,

Well, it all depends on your own healing really. I went into the boot by week 5 (after ATR) and was full weigth baring in the following week. If that is the case for you I’m sure you will be more than mobile for your trip to Egypt (if not a bit hot and sweaty). I took mine off to shower and sleep, and also went swimming, with an ankle brace, but I wouldn’t advise you do that without asking the consultant first. I am feeling hte benefit of Physio, but I have only been stretching gently at the moment, I’m off to St Mary’s on 1st Sept and he “real Physio” begins. I’ll let you know how it’s been going. The swelling is decreasing a lot now too. Best of luck for your appointment, and I hope you are in the boot soon.

Comment by Lou

Link Here | September 2, 2009,

Hi again Lou,
Well just over 3 weeks & the nice asian Doc has said the tendon is healing well & since i am on hols in 3 weeks to come back in 2 weeks to go into the boot - hurrah!!!
I could not believe the level of pain when they moved my foot up the fraction that they did (somewhere between full & semi equinuss (is that a new type of Guinness?) or how feeble the ankle felt.
Great to hear you are in full on physio now & hope you continue to progress well.
Regarding the boot - do you know what make it was? I really want to know if it is going to be possible to go swimming with it on.

Comment by highflyer

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