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2 Shoes!!!!
Posted on July 30th, 2009 at 4:29 am by lopo1969 and

I have been officially discharged from the Fracture Clinic and given my trusty aircast back to the Orthotics department.  After the initial euphoria about being told the tendon had healed, I’m now feeling quite vulnerable and very wobbly.  It’s actually quiet scary walking around without any support at all,  and I feel like my leg will give way under me at any moment.


The calf aches a lot, but I supposed that is only to be expected as it’s not been working for nearly 9 week.  I also can’t quite get my foot flat on the floor yet.  I have to wear a slight heel in a shoe, and walk around on slight tiptoe on the left leg.. I have got quite a good range of motion though, much better than I thought I would have. I can rotate the ankle, and bring the toe up to very nearly 90 degrees before it starts to feel uncomfortable.


I’m so glad that my consultant decided to take the conservative route with me now.  I have no external scaring and minimal internal scaring, so well done Mr Khan, I owe you one.


Roll on 7th August when Physio starts.  Hopefully walking around some this week will strengthen it a little each day and I’ll be ready for the real work to start.

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Link Here | July 30, 2009,

Woohoo!! Congrats, Lopo. Welcome back to 2 shoes. If you feel a little wobbly, try marching in place, using something to lightly support you (like a tabletop), look straight up, and get your calf used to the motion again. If you really feel wobbly, just use one crutch on your good side, in step with your bad leg. It will help over the next week before you hit PT and get you feeling more comfy. Good luck!

Comment by trisportgirl |

Link Here | July 31, 2009,

Love your blog! Have just had these wonderful moon boots fitted today - 4 weeks after ‘the event’ and conservative treatment so interested to hear how you are getting on now? I am originally from Gosport so interested to hear about your pub crawl in a wheelchari around Pompey! It takes me back!
Take care

Comment by rainbow395

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