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The Achilles Double Whammy!
Posted on June 29th, 2009 at 11:42 am by lopo1969 and

Just when you are think you are getting your head around the indignity, frustration, stupidity of the the whole situation, along comes another side effect of your ATR to bite you on the bum!  In the 4 weeks and 3 days, (yes Dear Reader I am counting the days) I have managed to gain half a stone!!!! 

I have to say that I was not the most active of people before my incident, (how my nearest and dearest will laugh at the statement) but now I barely move. I get up, haul myself into the shower, haul myself to work (in the car) haul myself to the office, and there I sit all day long.  I have been conscious about what I have been eating and drinking etc, but this is conclusive proof that I have not been vigilant enough.  Looking at the scales this morning I could actually feel the arteries clogging up, and had a “simpson’s” type  cartoon vision of me collapsing, in slow motion, cluthing my arrested heart with my cast still firmly anchoring me to the bathroom floor.

So now I need to ask the ATR community, has anyone got any ideas about some  form cardio excersise that I can do sitting down? Anything that will curb the fat tide. PLEASE!!

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Link Here | June 30, 2009,

I also struggled with the same problem. I was in the best shape of my life prior to rupturing mine, so I wanted to do my best to stay in shape. I got a medicine ball and some pilates bands and did some core work and whatever else i could come up with. Its not really cardio, but you can still break a sweat pretty easily. Otherwise, you could get in the pool or on the bike as soon as your doc approves.

Comment by joe

Link Here | June 30, 2009,

Hi Lopo,

I to put on some LBS while recuperating. I have since lost the weight I gained. Just a process you have to go through. Remember, drink lots of water.

Good Luck

San Diego

Comment by Glen |

Link Here | July 1, 2009,

Thanks Joe, that’s a great suggestion. I’ll try it.

Comment by lopo1969 |

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