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Keep Your Dancing Shoes On!
Posted on June 24th, 2009 at 7:03 am by lopo1969 and

Here I am.  Week  three of “conservative” treatment for my ruptured Achilies tendon.  Third cast, foot at approx 60 dregrees,  wobbling on crutches, and fed up to the back teeth of my inability to do anything for myself.

It was the most freakish accident, and I must warn all you budding Carrie Bradshaws out ther,”KEEP YOUR DANCING SHOES ON!  I was at a friends wedding.  Killer outfit, equally killer heels.  Tottering and drifting about all day, I even danced in my gold strappy “F” me shoes. Then I decided to have me a little sit down, sip on my G&T and slip the old stillettos off.  As I did so I stood up suddenly and WHAMMY.  I heard a loud snapping sound and what felt like a baseball bat hitting me very hard accross the left calf.  I sat down immeadiately. I knew some serious damage had been done, as I could not bear any weight on the left leg at all.  Various friends attended me, soothing my brow and feeding me alcohol (for the shock you understand). Someone produced a tea towel full of ice to stop the swelling. So with the aid of a drunken reveller and my Heath Robinson bag of ice I hobbled/hopped to bed.

I rocked up at A&E the next day, and  after a quick fumble and a  ”kneel” test the diagnosis was confirmed.  Ruptured achillies,  surgery recommended.  Well, to add to the confusion Dear Reader, I was actually 250 miles from home, having travelled to attend this nuptual festivity.  The local consultant wrote a letter to be taken to my home A&E with said recommendation on it. 

So after arriving a day later at my home town A&E, and another 4 hour wait(within NHS targets, so I’m told) the consultant there decides to ignore this former advice and treat conservativly, with various casts, at various degrees, over numerous weeks.  What? Why? I must have surgery I cried!!!!  After a valium and lie down, the consultant began to calmly explain to me that, in my circumstances, and taking into consideration the risks of surgery, I really am going down the conservative route.

So I left the hospital, Left leg in plaster to the knee, with my toes pointing in some grotesque arabesque ballet position, a pair of elbow cruthes, a wheelchair, and a very poor attitude, Dear Reader, I can tell you!

Fortunatley I have a wonderful, supportive partner, who has waited on me hand and foot (please pardon the pun) and even went out and purchased my “ladies monthly unmentionables” without even a whimper.  I am ashamed to say I am a very impatient patient. Stroppy, indignant and self pitying. So……I have decided to blog it all out here, so I can return to my loving partner, grateful, happy and positive, having vented my spleen here.

My next appointment is on Wed July 1st, when the magical 90 degrees will be applied, and the tendon will be at “full stretch” once again.  So Dear Reader, until the next time, happy healing ,  Lopo1969 xx

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