I’m one week post op today.  The last time I took pain medication was day 3 and even then it was just a single vicodin because I was having trouble sleeping.  This injury and surgery have been far less painful than I thought they would be however, at times, it’s very uncomfortable.  This morning I awoke at 4am, after only 3hrs of sleep, with a huge cramp in my calf followed by a feeling like my leg was on fire.  At first I was worried that something was wrong but then realized that it was probably just nerves reconnecting and causing the runners cramp in my leg.

It’s been a rough week just sitting around the house.  Luckily the Euros are on and I can catch all the games live.  I beat all my video games, I watched nearly all the good netflix movies, HBO on-demand, redbox, comcast free movies, pay-per-view, etc etc.  I haven’t watched this much TV in years.

Yesterday I thought I would try to go back to work since I could sit in my office with my leg up all day.  I did not foresee the stress that driving would put on my leg.  I was able to drive comfortably for about 10 minutes before I could no longer find a comfortable position so I turned around and went back home.  I think I’ll wait until next Monday after my follow up with the doc to try that again.

I’m a 33 year old single guy who lives alone so it’s not easy to do some daily activities but I’ve found a few things that help.  I’m planning on writing another post to list some of these to maybe give some ideas to others in my situation.

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  1. housemusic says:

    Hi lonestar,
    The nerves will reconnect over the next eight to ten weeks. About ten days after surgery, and continually for three weeks, I had various sensations such as intense burning, pins and needles, stabbing, dull pain, etc. Eventually the pain subsided though I still have some numbness at the site where pain was most intense.
    One thing that helped me a lot was working from home. I was lucky my employer allowed me to do that and I have to say it helped me retain some sense of normalcy. Like you, I am single and live alone. In those early weeks I watched about 90 movies, more than in my entire adult life prior to the injury.
    Keep healing!

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