Surgery was performed yesterday Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at the Seattle Orthopedic Center in Wallingford by Dr. Michael Watt.  It was full open surgery with a general anesthetic.  I walked myself into the operating room at roughly 1125PST and was texting my buddy Hank to pick me up by 1215PST and I was at home on my couch by 1330PST.  Apparently everything went well in the surgery and I spent most of the afternoon just watching tv and taking Vicodin in an attempt to get some sleep.  Sleep never actually came.

Yesterday there was no real pain in my leg.  Today however, there’s some pains in my leg that I’ve certainly never felt before.  I’ve had the leg elevated all day apart from quick trips to the kitchen and the bathroom.  There has been some burning sensations which I can only assume is my leg swelling inside my splint.  There’s also been some sharp shooting pains which I assume are some of the nerves reconnecting.  When the nurse called earlier today to ask how I was holding up I told her about these symptoms and she didn’t seem the worried about it at all so I’m going to try to just muscle through it.

Next visit to the doc is Monday, June 25, 2012 to get this splint off and get my stitches out.  Then I’ll be put into a hard cast to wear for a few more weeks.  FUN!

2 Responses to “The Surgery”
  1. State champ says:

    Stay positive in your recovery. That’s about the best advice one can give. Injuries during sports happen all of the time, whether your an avid professional or a novice. Our determination and desire to do what we want to do is the drive that will get us back to where we want to be. The burning pain described my son experienced as well and we were told it was the anesthesia wearing off. He only had this sensation the night of his surgery and not since. He is 3 weeks post-op, full weight bearing in a wedged walking boot.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. lonestar says:

    Thanks Champ, that’s good to know. The burning and pain is much reduced today and has been far easier to deal with. Sounds like your son is doing well. Hopefully I can be at that level within 3 weeks.

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