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November 21, 2012

Week 6: Nov. 12-18 (FWB)

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Another good week as I progressed from PWB to FWB finally on Nov.16th!  (I FWB like I’m 95yrs. old.).  I got to be faster on my crutches than I could normally walk and now I’m slower than my first day of crutches.

I enabled the hinged feature on my VacoCast the last few days of PWB and the first few days of FWB.  During that period I slowly increased the hinged ROM from -10 (planter) and -5 (dorsi) to the full range of the boot.

I’ve continued spinning on the stationary bike, now 30 mins once or twice a day.  Also spent a lot of time without anything on my foot just rolling it around.  It is not a problem to keep my foot down most of the day and I just ice once a day as I’m going to bed (swelling minimal).

Saw the Dr. on Friday the 16th and he told me to start wearing two shoes right away and to begin PT next week (2 or 3 days a week).  Scar looks great and is fully healed.

I’m glad my Dr. is using an aggressive schedule, but a little nervous that he instructed me to go to two-shoes just days after reaching FWB.

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  1. Sounds like your progressing great. My doc doesn’t have me PWB until Monday after the holiday. Hope you keep on healing well.

    Comment by kkirk — November 21, 2012 @ 9:06 pm

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