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October 27, 2012

Week 2: October 15-21 (struggling)

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The lesson I learned this week is that you must listen to you body over that of your Dr./Nurse.

Because of the increasing pain in my ankle I went to the Ortho’s office first thing Monday morning. When they removed the splint it had clearly been digging into my ankle causing a bruise and pressure sore.

Good part was I got to see that the incision was healing well and they replaced the splint with a fiberglass cast. Said to come back in two weeks.

Since I had read the early weight bearing procedure I cheated and set the appt. for 11 days.

Felt more confident using crutches with the cast, and as the days went by the ankle sore hurt less and felt the surgery site talking to me more (but still mild). Only took meds at night to help me sleep (and that was a crapshoot).

Back to work, mainly from bed and couch with leg raised (above heart was key) using my phone and computer.

Had one scare with the scooter at the beginning of the week - a quick trip down the sidewalk to the mailbox ended when my wheels stopped in a sidewalk crack and I went — over teakettle!  During the fall I briefly put my cast on the ground and felt pins and needles.  Afterwards my incision area  was sore for an hour, but no lasting effects after that and no real pain.  This event is what prompted me to return the scooter - the temptation to go fast on that thing was too strong.

Putting the cast on

Wound at one week

Getting the cast on


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  1. I had a scare like that last week. And feel the pins and needles also, went to the surgeon two days later and he said that it everything looks great and it was healing well. Happy Healing LongAchillesofTx

    Comment by kkirk — October 27, 2012 @ 1:05 pm

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