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October 27, 2012

Week 1 (post-op): October 8-14

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I came home in a splint - basically three hard “sticks” (one behind my heel and one over each ankle) with tons of cotton batting under and around them, held together with tight ace bandages.

Summary of first week: spent almost all time in bed with foot raised and iced regularly.

Day 1 - 2: worst pain, similar at times to injury pain.  Increased my meds with Dr.’s permission.

Day 3-4: pain lessened quite a bit.  I had some negative side effects to the codine so stopped taking it completely these days.  Just took Tylenol and ibuprofen and slept better.  In case it helps, the issue I had involved never fully appreciating the ability to take a leak.  Fortunately I have a Urologist in the family who told me to get to a local Urologist ASAP for a bladderscan and some medicine.  Scan was clean and taking the pills that many men a little older than me end up talking did the trick.  (Stopped taking the pills after 4 days).  Note that before I stopped taking the Norco I also broke my 18-year record of not throwing up…

The Otho had arranged for a medical supply company to deliver a knee scooter (more on this later) and an automatic icing machine to my home.  The medical company was a bit of scam.  I had clearly told them I only wanted to rent but when they dropped them off  they tried to charge me $400 for the scooter and $500 for the icing machine (on Amazon new they are $250 and $200 respectively).  After I week I returned them both (I’m on a high HSA plan) and bough a Breg Kodiak machine on eBay for $75 shipped.  Highly recommend this device.

Day 5-7: pain began increasing as pressure in leg began ballooning.  Dr. said this was normal, but the pain was localized at my left ankle and ramped up every day until it was as bad as the injury/first post-surgery day.  Getting up caused bad swelling - by the end of the week more than 30 seconds vertical caused extreme pain.

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