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October 27, 2012

Surgery Day - Day 8 post ATR

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On the day of surgery I had the standard orders not to eat or drink after midnight so by the time we arrived at 11am I was ready to get it over with.
The staff were the best, answered my questions and concerns (I had read a lot on AchillesBlog so I knew what to expect, but still like asking questions to understand further and confirm expectations).

Last thing I remember was being rolled into the operating room and being asked to scoot over from the mobile bed to the operating table… Next thing I know I’m in post-op with my wife.

They only used general anesthesia because this location (surgery-in-a-box) did not have the tools for a direct nerve block. Gave me a Percocet poll with instructions to start taking my Norco every 4 hrs.
At home I layer in bed sleeping on and off between my alarms (to eat crackers and take medicine). As the 4-hour chunks of time went by I slept less and less as the pain set in and my pills became less effective.

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