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October 13, 2012

“Pop” - Day 0: October 1, 2012

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I am the poster boy for Achilles’ ruptures.

Turned 40 this year and decided I needed to get in shape.

Ran track in high school and volleyball and ultimate Frisbee was how I kept in shape in college.  Since then  my formal exercise had been slim to none, though I was in decent physical shape because I was generally active with three young children.  Decided I needed to get serious about keeping in shape so I started taking tennis at the local city-run tennis complex.

After a month of lessons I went to my first day of “cardio” tennis.  Thirty minutes into the class we ran drills running up to the net, hitting a lob, and then running back to the baseline for another shot.  Second time back I planted my left foot back to take a shot and “BAM” - felt like someone had encroached and accidentally slammed the edge of their racket into my heel.  I looked back to tell them to give me some room and of course no one was there.  Ten feet away someone said “was that pop your leg?”

The coaches shook their heads - they clearly had heard it before.  A friend drove me home where I put my leg on ice and elevated.  For the next 8 hours (all night) I had a series of the most painful muscle spasms / charlie horses I’ve ever had.  Wife she saw the tendon moving around during the  spasms.

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