First Blog

Hello all fellow tendon’ites’ (I think we’re all a new subculture so we have to have a name of some sort). :)   I have to admit this will be an interesting experience as I’ve never blogged before so bear with me if I goof up now and then.  I came across this site several months ago while I was recovering from tendon repair, reattachment surgery to my right achilles (with a few other things thrown in to make it interesting) and thought, at the time, that I wish I had known about this community from the beginning.  Well, after 14 months recovery from my right achilles surgery, I find myself about to have surgery yet again but on the left achilles.  This time around, I’m going to ‘blog’ through it!  My surgery is in about 3 weeks.  Its late here now and need to catch some sleep so I’ll fill in the story of how I got to this point next time.  I will need all the support I can get once again and will share the same with anyone else as fortunately or not, I’ve been through this whole process once before.  :)  Thank you Dennis for creating this community for those of us tendon’ites’ who now live and breath the achilles tendon path to recovery.  Have a good night all.  Thanks.