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Week 7 - Progress!

Just got back from the physio and had my final wedge removed so I’m on the flat for the first time in 7 weeks - hurrah. Also now walking, granted still in boot and crutches but now putting 20 to 30% of weight through it whilst walking. Next week it’ll be back to clinic when apparently I may be signed of to the physio only. The glimmer at the end of the tunnel has just become a little brighter. I have to admit to being a bit down this week so this has really lifted mt spirits. My goal of back on my own 2 feet for the new year looking more possible. Keep on healing folks.

Week 6 Thurs second physio

Had my second physio today and the physio was really pleased so has taken another wedge out of my boot, (only one left) ┬ástill not allowed to put any really weight through just toe tapping but foot far more flexible. She says I won’t do any real weight bearing until after my next clinic visit which is on the 19th, but then I should start with physio to help me walk again. She was really lovely and positive. Roll on 19th. Have another physio next Thurs too.

Week 6 - Monday

The beginning of week 6, and as can be seen time does pass. I’ve been doing my exercises religiously and although still stiff I am beginning to see some improvement. The swelling has gone down although I’m still not totally ankle shaped it’s nearly there. I’m virtually at neutral (90degrees) and I have some left and right range. So slowly slowly things seem to be heading the right way. Physio again on Thurs when I’m hoping to lose another wedge. It was half term in england last week and was consequently a bit more hectic than usual, so I’m actually enjoying the peace and quiet this morning. I have to say this enforced amount of solitude has made me learn to enjoy my own company and a much slower pace of life. As other people have said, this injury does change far more than just your achilles. Keep healing everyone :)

Air Cast odour

There is no polite way of putting this so here goes. after a week of living in an air cast its begining to smell a little of ripe parmesan. I am none sugical so sadly I fear its just my sweaty feet - something I never have suffered with. Its not actually my feet- it’s definately the cast any suggestions how to reduce this problem? I hate to imagine what it’ll be like in a couple of weeks!!!

Physio - here I come

Got the call today and I have my first physio session on Friday. Excited and aprehensive. Can’t help wondering what they’ll do as I’m still only taking ny foot along for the ride and have 3 wedges in my boot, and to be honest my AT is still really stiff. Oh well got to start somewhere. Wish me luck

Week 5 - More waiting games

Hi the begining of week 5 or week 1 will a boot. Waiting to hear from physio and learning to ‘walk’ with crutches and boot. Still being caitious until I speak to the physio don’t want to undo my good work. Keep on healing my friends :)

In a boot !!!

Just got back from the hopital. Had the cast removed and was seen by the ortho nurse. She had a look and seemed pleased she did a Thomson test and got no joy but she thought it was because I was very tight and cold. She gently did a couple of toe lifts with me and┬ámassaged my calf and repeated it and low and behold it moved hurrah. She then went and got the consultant (yes I saw the man himself) he said that I could go in a boot with wedges. We tried 3 but it was a bit of a stretch so have 4 to be on the safe side. She gave me a gentle exercise to do and told me I could take the boot off a couple of times a day. She has booked me in for physio to start either next week or at the latest the week after. She said I was to return to clinic in 4 weeks by which time she hoped I’d be out of the boot. It all seems such a rapid turn of events after 4 weeks of sitting healing. I have to admit the boot is very cumbersome, I’m in a large one as th medium is too small with the wedges, But she gave me a medium one too and said as the wedges come out I may be able to make use of it. I also feel more vulnerable but I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to it. So good news today and onto the next step. I’m now oficially PWB - just. Now I have to work out how to change it on my widget!

Week 4 - Monday

My goodness its week 4. There have been times this seemed like a lifetime away. I’m a bit apprehensive as this week I get my cast off, then not sure what will happen. Maybe another cast with my foot in a different position or a boot. They weren’t too sure what would be there next step! To be honest I’m just more worried that it has actually begun to heal than where we go next. I think that is one of the hardest things, not being able to see what’s going on. It’s having to trust your body to fix itself. Ah well I’ll let you know how I get on on Fri. I suppose whatever happens at least its the beginning of the next phase of my healing

Week 3 - Monday

Well week 3 begins and the evenings seem to be bringing a bit of pain, not sure why as haven’t done anything different. But as been relatively free of pain I figure its just the next step in my healing. All ok during day and it doesn’t matter if I’m active or resting. I’m hoping this means its actuallly joining tiogether as I’m non operative. Well we’ll find out next week. It’s not agony just an ache really. Other than that the time continues to pass, have now managed to start to read which is good.

Week 2 Friday

Here I am at the end of another week. This time in 2 weeks I get to go back to have this cast removed, so half way through which is a good feeling. Also with the aid of a friend off out into Liverpool for a meal tonight so on a bit of an up beat note to end another week. Hurrah.