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15 months !!!

Happy new year to all on here. Let’s hope it proves to be a happy and healthy one. It’s been a long time since I was last on here, which is what tends to happen once you get your life back. I am a non surgical success and just came on to reasure all the newbees that it does all get better. I rarely think about my achilles these days and seem to have a virtually complete recovery. My calf still lacks a little strength but thats a result of my own laziness not inability. I can do heel raises easily but occasionally (very occasionally) I notice that leg becomes more easily tired, but its not something that bothers me enough to did out the therabands.

I actually look back on the whole thing in a positive way. It gave me time to review my hectic lifestyle and evaluate whats important. It also made me realise that there are so many fantastic people out there if you just take the time to notice them. I truely believe that the secret to successful healing is keeping active. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of laying around for fear of damaging your healing. Personally 2 days after my rupture I was fighting my way onto buses using crutches. Keeping active gets you out and about meeting people, keeps you mentally healthy and aids physical recovery, so don’t stay shackled to your laptop get out and about. At times it can be terrifying but I think its the main reason I recovered so successfully. Good luck to all who at the beginning of their journey but it really does get better, use this blog to help you get through it, the people on here are the only ones who truely understand what you’re going through. Family and friends can empathise but the people on here have a shared experince and so can support you in ways that others can’t. Take advantage of their help happy healing everyone LLx

5 and half months

Well life has returned to virtually normal, my achilles continues to improve. I think I’m at the point where the porgress is less noticable and the physio exercises don’t change. I’m about to be signed off from physio visits but the exercises are still daily. Not sure when that won’t be necessary!!! Strength is the main thing now, but being back at work means I have less time to do the exercises to build it up. I’m sure it will come in time. I generally have no visible limp ( occasionally at the end of a very heavy week at work when me and my leg are tired I can have a slight one but nothing to do with the AT more down to being knackered!!!) I still have stiffness in the morning and hate doing physio then because of it but I am sticking with it as often it’s the only guarenteed time I can do them. I look back on the beginning of the journey as a bit of a turning point. In some ways I’m glad it happened as it enabled me to focus on what was important in life. My friend laughingly refers to it as my caerer break and says I’m much better for it. As the old saying goes ” what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” I think that is very true of an ATR. Good luck to all the new people on here. It does get better, there will be an end to the darker times, but most of all try to stay positive and find the good in your ATR. Carry on healing LL

First full time week

Have completed my first full time week at work and been for my first very short jog. Two major mile stones. The AT is making slow but steady prgress, working on the illusive heal raises. Can manage about 4cm but no real strngth of hold, but I know they will come. My calf strength is better but again still a long road ahead. I’m about 1.5 cm smaller on my AT calf. My AT is still stiff in a morning but loosens after a round of stretches. Generally it’s fine during the day and my limp has almost totally gone. Towards the end of a day on my feet it becomes a little tight again but I barely get any swelling these days. So all good news, and as long as you mark even the small milestones, even the weeks of slow progress, can be good weeks. Happy healing to you all.

Back at work

Well, while we’ve been of life loads has changed here. The main one being I’m back to work. Occupational Health suggested a phased retuen and today I completed my first full day. It all seems ok and some normality is coming back to my life. My achilles is much improved and gets stronger day  by day. I still have a slight limp but only when tired. I almost have full flexibilty and heal lifts are coming slowly but surely. I have to admit my single leg heal lift is still pretty weedy only about an inch from the ground but each weeks they get better. The physio is relly happy and suggested I can start gentle jogging.

A few weeks ago I had a major panic with the devlopment of a lump on my achilles. As it turned out it was scar tissue, the swelling had kept it hidden previously. That receives lots of massage and seems to be going down slightly. It doesn’t cause any pain and was the original sight of all my tightness, but as I’ve progressed the tightness is easing so that panic is now over.

For those of you new to this journey, my heart goes out to you but know this, it does get better. Don’t try to rush your progress the one thing this injury teaches you is patience. Personally for me, learning this lesson has been a very positive thing. It has also taught me to appreciate my life, my friends and the kindness of others. I personally feel this has left me a much better person. 

Good luck to everyone and happy healing. It’s nice to have this site back on line. I felt a little bereft without it. :)


Just a post to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a great well healed new year. x

Week 12 - 13

Just had my physio and despite some aches and pains she’s very pleased with my progress. My AT is responding really well and much more flexible, this means the weakness in the calf is more noticable now, so its on with the two footed calf raises, I have to admit I find this so difficult. The increased amount of walking etc has caused some niggly pains to appear in the join but I guess thats to be expected. They do subside when rested but I suppose I really have to try not to push things too hard. It’s a difficult balance to strike, making what you do developmental but not too stressful on the whole foot. Keep healing everyone :)

Moving forward

Just back from my physio and another successful visit. More stretches, more strength and some focused massage and stretching of the tendon, which made it feel wonderful. She’s very pleased at the improvement in my walking and said the limp had visible decreased. Discussed going back to work in Jan and she said yes. So term will begin on the 4th Jan. I’ve got to admit it’s a bit of a scary thought. But after reading Teresa’a last blog I know I can do it. I’ve 3 more weeks to build strength and get much more flexibility.
For those of you at the beginning of this journey, it does get better. Stay positive and when your not this blog is a wonderful support.

FWB and shoes

Physio again today, she’s very pleased with progress. I can now walk in bare feet and shoes without any help but with a limp. The tendon is still tight so have new stretches; leaning against the wall tith AT foot at back - like a runners stretch and standing on a stair with AT foot with heal over edge and gently stretch AT below the step gently. Also have new theraband strength exercises. So all going well. Also picking up a new automatic car today so will have my freedom back.  It’s been a long journey but I feel like I’m getting some normality back. I know there is still a long way to go, to anybody else I probably still look like a hobbling old woman, but to me I’m standing and walking on my own 2 feet. Typical that just as I’m getting back onto my feet the snow comes, so I have no intention of leaving the house without my boot for a while, but little by little I’m getting there. :)

Weaning off the boot

Had my weekly physio today and have now begun the process of weaning my achilles off the boot. I have new exercises - standing with support on my AT leg - god the floor feels hard - building to no support. Using a theraband to develop the stretch in my achilles and build flexibility in the ankle joint. Also cleared to sleep out of boot and leave it off for sections of the day. Also took my first barefoot steps with the aid of my crutches, all felt very weird and a little scary - but its the slow road to walking without my boot or crutches - hurrah :)

Week 8 - moving toward FWB

Went to clinic today and it was really successful. She carried out a thomson test which was so so much stronger than the last one 4 weeks ago. She also thoroughly examined the tendon itself and declared it fabulous. She also said that O now had some dorsalflexion so the ROM  exercises have paid off. She has said I’m clear for the physio to start moving me into FWB and shoes!!!! She told me I was totally ok to go FWB in my boot as I could tolerate it and if I couldn’t cope with that we had a little prctise with just one crutch for a little support but to be honest I think the days of the crutches and my boot are numbered. Another milestone past. She seems to think returning to work for the start of spring term is a realistic possibilty, but not to rush into anything. She won’t find me arguing or rushing into anything, but the posssibilty is quite exciting as it’ll be a huge step to my old life. So all good, fingers crossed it all keeps going well.