…slow update…

Great news! Great news got my scooter tonight! So now I can get out!
I get off my cast on Monday and I keep assuming that Im going to be walking in the boot..is that true? Is it too good to be true??

Anyone know?

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  1. It isn’t instant but it doesn’t take that long. I was able to walk a some the next and by the end of the week it became fairly easy, but slow moving. It sure beats crutches though.

  2. I guess it depends. I got my cast off December 16th, and got the boot, but still strict instructions to use the crutches and partial weight bearing for two weeks. But I’m never sure if my progress is slower than everyone else’s because I actually tore my AT at both ends- near the heel AND near the calf. Also I had surgery-cast for two weeks- boot/crutches. If you had surgery, cast #1 cast #2, boot, you might be ready to ditch the crutches. I wish you the best and I hope you get the news you want- I can’t wait to lose the crutches! I ended up putting a very small pillow under my leg near the foot when I used the scooter with the cast- it kept the cast from cutting into the top of my leg. I LOVE my scooter- I’m going Christmas shopping today, my first real outing, and I doubt I could/would want to do it on crutches.

  3. As with all the other upcoming transitions it will be akward and a bit daunting.
    It’s not as I remember ‘normal’ walking.
    The boot is clunky and you need to figure out what works for you.
    I had my crutches in the beginning and went on to one crutch and then nothing but the boot.
    Won’t lie but that sucked!

    Good luck, it’s a move towards recovery!

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