2 Months post op–GOOD-BYE CRUTCHES!!!!


So to my great surprise I went to my doc. appt and he told me I could ditch the crutches and start walking!!! We did a ‘trial-run’ around his office.

I am so happy to “walk” again but it is very slow and quite painful. I am supposed to be doing electrical pulses with tabs and doing ‘Alphabet writing’ with my foot 5x a day.

My next concern is the heel pain..does this go away?

I put in gel inserts and no difference…but I get to drive and walk! :) he said in two weeks I to ‘bring my sneakers’ because I can start walking!

ON to PT after that!!!


Well! I got my 2nd cast off! It’s been a month and 2 weeks but it seems like forever.

It feels so good to free my ‘little feetie’ and have some sort of movement during a shower and at bedtime. My family has had enough of me and now I’m back at my apartment.

I get around on my manual wheelchair and crutches but most of the time HOPPING on one leg. Great for short distances!

Also, I can drive! The bad thing is I am really shaky with crutches and I dont think I cant concentrate with the  anxiety of people staring at me while I go outside (this has already happened when on outings with the family..) I know it sounds stupid. I live in a major city so it’s worse. People like to snoot at me “What did YOU do to your leg?” People’s crass and ignorance is pissing me off.

I was forbid to put any weight on my boot but I have been trying little by little. Made the mistake of putting full weight on it when I lost my balance a week ago..shooting pain!

As of right now, it’s getting better.

I don’t think I was ready to deal with the emotional aspects of this. I am keeping myself busy as possible but there’s only so much you can do and it is getting depressing. My main thing is going to concerts and I’ve had to cancel a few (people I really wanted to see) based on the act and pure inconvience of needing another person to help me.

Wow. I will be so thankful when I can go outside without crutches!!!!

You really cant appreciate something until it’s taken away from you.

How is everyone else doing? Tips?

…slow update…

Great news! Great news got my scooter tonight! So now I can get out!
I get off my cast on Monday and I keep assuming that Im going to be walking in the boot..is that true? Is it too good to be true??

Anyone know?

I got a wheelchair! Weeeeee!

I got a wheelchair from a local thrift store!

I can go outside finally!!! I have been able to go to two movies and a trip to breakfast and lunch!

Got the new cast. Now its just 2 more weeks and I get my boot!

Anyone who has had a boot…how long do I have to wear it before I can get into shoes??

Stir Crazy!

I hate these crutches. I get so tired after “walking” for only 10 mins.

Not much to write except annoyances.

My mental health is strongly connected to how I feel physically so not being able to take a shower everyday or going outside in the sunlight is REALLY wearing on me.

I’m a dancer and not being able to shake it whenever I want really hitting me too..

I get to go to a movie on Saturday! Whoooo hooo!



Went to the doctor’s for my 2nd post op. As I mentioned before in another entry, my doctor had said I would be getting my cast in 2 weeks.

My incision has healed so well I was happy to hear that I would be getting my stitches off and my CAST that DAY instead!

The stitches were painful coming out, I won’t lie.

I am so happy to get the cast because now if I have an accident where I fall in my crutches, I won’t have to worry about my foot getting injured.

I’m sure I won’t be this excited about it in 2 weeks, haha.

Ever since the “Shower Fainting Incident” no one will let me take a shower. I know I could use wipes and all that great stuff but for some reason, you never really feel clean.

I’m scared to sneak and take one when no one is here, for fear that I might faint again :( Oh well..the wipes it is for now, I guess.

Being in this position makes me feel like an elderly person (peeing in a cup, washing with wipes..) as this rate I’ll be a professional at it when I’m 85! :)

I’m supposed to be getting a motorized wheelchair any day now to give me some freedom. I havent been out of the house besides to the doctor and back. I’m yearning for the simple pleasures in life, like a simple movie theatre day!

Moving forward…

SCARY Update on heel pain!

I am on a smooth rise right now, still experiencing a little burn..which I don’t mind as long as I’m not having those NERVE FIRE FITS I was having a couple of days ago.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS. It helped me a lot when I was talking to my doctor.

Yes, I was elevating and icing the whole time..Right now I am only taking the Ibuprofen and icing.

I didn’t feel comfortable at all taking so many medications at once, even though my doctor said it was okay. Coming from a girl who has never used drugs in her life (I don’t even like taking cold medicine if I don’t abs. HAVE to!), I didn’t feel right doing it but I was in delirious pain.

I was told to take 1 Ibuprofen, 1 hydrocodone (vicodin), 2 Nuerotin (all at once).


I started  having the fits, but since I was hesitant, I started with  1 Ibuprofen, and 1 vicodin (hydrocodone). 

About a half and hour later, My aunt helped me and I went to go take a shower. I started washing up and all of the sudden I started feeling dizzy. I checked my pulse and realized that my heart was pounding. I assumed I was about to vomit  (”Oh, I didn’t eat enough food with the meds..” I thought) as this is what usually happens when I do.

I turned the water off and screamed to my Aunt. I thought I said “Something’s wrong with me.” but it turns out I whispered it to myself because as soon as she came to the door..BAM. I blacked out.

I came to, on the shower floor and THANK GOD my sister was having a friend over who was a PARAMEDIC!   Great timing, right?

…Im okay now. I don’t know if it was due to the meds or just the shower heat..but I would not have fainted if I wasn’ t taking medication because I have NEVER fainted in my life and the it’s too much of a coincidence.

I feel really upset at myself that I didnt trust my instincts on this one and I really could have been hurt.

PS: Also, I don’t think my doctor is at fault. He is one of the best at this kind of surgery but I think I PERSONALLY had a bad reaction to the meds, as I double checked with my doctor AND the pharmacist in taking them together.

This experience just reinforces why I don’t like taking medication in the first place. Even if all the professionals say it’s fine, you don’ t know how YOUR OWN BODY is going to react to something…and in the end, you’re the only one who going to end up getting hurt.



I am in so much pain I cannot stand it. My heel is on fire!!!!

My doctor perscribed me: Ibprofen 800 mg, Vicodin, Nuerotin (nerve blocker) AND Darvocet.

He said “the nerves are trying to reattach themselves” Whoo-hoo, that’s great, but I shouldn’t be FEELING it happen!!!

NONE OF THEM WORK on their own or together.

I’ve been searching through this site looking for anyone with the same problem but no go. Everyone else’s painkillers are working for them :(
I need to ask him for a low dose of morphine. I am only sleeping about 4 hours a night and the burning comes for about 5 mins every hour!

You know when you have pain so intense that your body starts shaking and you feel your organs convulsing it in your body trying to deal with the pain?

What is everyone else taking for pain?


It was bound to happen.

After six days with no hiccups, it came within the ten mins. that my mother decided to run to the grocery store.

I FELL. In my crutches. Luckily, I felt myself going down and turned so that I landed flat on my booty instead of on my side and possibly in some odd position to mess up my delicate foot.

Now I am dealing with hesitation whenever I reach for the silver poles as opposed to the excitement that I had when I first attained the ‘poles of freedom’.

Anyone else dealing with this?

Anyways, I had my first post-op today (of course, after I fell). My luck the elevator in the building had just shut down twenty mins. earlier and the only way to my doctor’s 4th floor office was THE STAIRS. WHAT! ON CRUTCHES?!

Luckily, they had a medical room on the first floor that they opened up just for me and I had the pleasure of having a ‘private appt.’

He removed my bandages and exposed my foot. He was amazed at the complete lack of bruising and swelling. He said it was the best post-op he had seen in about ten years..(he commented that it was all thanks to my self-imprisonment in bed with my high-elevated foot).

*Tip: In order to severly reduce swelling and discoloration..not getting up and leaving the bed as long as you can is the gospel!*

He applied some antibiotic cream on and rebandaged it in the original splint. My next appt is next Wednesday. He said I will get my cast and stitiches out on the same day, in 2 WEEKS.

He’s gave me a ps. for a different painkiller at night since the vicodin generic wasn’t working and I finally got a shower cover for my foot.

I asked him if he was able to strech out my tendon and he said my foot went all the way back, despite being so tight. I wanted to cry out of joy right then and there but I have learned to not get excited until I SEE THE PROOF.

 This is something that will CHANGE MY LIFE. I can’t wait to see it.

Until next week my little feeties! :)


PS. Bathroom Break? It might be TMI for some, but I reduced a lot of pain and swelling by not going to my bathroom. With all the meds, you need to go every 30 mins. When I had to use the restroom, I used a large plastic cup that we put by the bed. For females, this is extremely helpful as it shapes and squeezes to fit between your legs.


Well, here I am..stuck in bed.

Let me explain. I had a birth defect which caused me to have a shortened achilles tendon in my left foot. Besides all the PT and braces when I was little, nothing worked. Due to the financial state of my family, we weren’t able to afford to correct it with what I really needed: Surgery.

Fast forward to a young adult age with medical insurance.

After years of ridicule from classmates and the endless questioning of strangers and friends (ala “What’s wrong with your foot?”), years of not being able to wear ‘flat shoes’ and balance problems in high heels (due to one foot up, one foot down) I decided to do some research on how I could fix the problem.

I ran across ‘Achilles Tendon Lengthening’ or ATL. The recovery is the same with a rupture but the actual procedure is much different. The tendon is cut, stretched out and sutured together therefore increasing dorsiflexion (heel up).

This procedure should be covered by your medical insurance.

Surgery Day: I had never had ‘major surgery’ so I was quite nervous and scared. I was checked in, dressed down and drugged up  :) The registration process took about two hours and then it was surgery time!

I was flipped on my stomach and given a local anesthetic. I told the doctor I was gravely afraid of general and he commented that it is only neccessary for general in achilles surgery if you are a child.

*Tip: If you are weary about general, demand a local.*

I started to feel sleepy. I kept waking up but falling back to sleep and soon enough it was over. I was placed in bandages and a splint and sent on my way with crutches.

The first 48 hours have been the worst part. During sleeping the whole time, After the anesthetic wore off and the pain pills I was given subsided in the middle of the night, the pain was almost unbearable. It was a different kind of pain, like exposing the back of your leg and someone keeps poking it with their finger accompanied with a burning throbbing sensation. I’m a little irritated as the vicodin generic I’m taking doesn’t work for me. I can only take 3 painpills during the day which are wonderful–no pain– but after that, it’s only the vicodin generic. So my nights are not so fun.

I started to feel like my leg was swelling and cold, even though it was propped up. You need to have your leg raised high above you, up in the air. Two pillows and a box worked for me, the discomfort ended. 

The things you MUST do religiously are: alternating cold packs (20 min. max), taking your antibiotics, pain pills and sleeping as much as possible.

*Tip: Avoid taking a shower for as long as possible in the first days of recouperation.*

 I waited 5 days to take a shower. If you can muster, try doing this as well. You will save yourself exhaustion, stress and more pain, the less you shower in the beginning stages.

*Tip: Remember to move as LITTLE as possible and crutches are a bad idea until DAY 4. The pain that accompanies with the movement is not worth it.*

Today is the sixth day and personally, I am going a little stir crazy. I am an introvert (which means I tend to do activites, thoughts, ect. by myself=a lot of staying in) but there is a difference between staying in by CHOICE and being forced to stay in.

I have been wiggling my toes to try and start the process of moving my joints…

I have my first post-op appt. tomorrow and will report what happens!