Achilles surgery…yikes!

Hi everyone, I am scheduled for surgery on Dec. 8th which is actually 13 months after I began feeling pain.  I don’t have an actual rupture but tears in my achilles.  I went to my local podiatrist when I began feeling pain which began on the treadmill and after 5 months of anti-inflammatories and physical therapy I was given an MRI and diagnosed with the tears.  I was than given a boot and was told be be nwb for 1 month and than wb for another month.  I did not exactly follow the “nwb” to a tee.  I found myself unprepared and have a family that is completely cared for by me (meals, laundry, 2 dogs), ect.  I also have a 2 story house which I was given permission by my doctor to walk up the stairs normally.  After 2 days of attempting crutches I got a roll-about which was hard to do around the house (too many things in the way).  After the 2 months were up and continued physical therapy I found I was no different when walking again.  I went to a “real” orthpedic surgeon in August and was told I would need the full blown surgery with attaching the tendon from my big toe in order to have complete recovery.  After tolerating the pain (which is getting worse and worse) I have decided to go through with the surgery.  I am not going to attempt crutches again for try to get up my stairs.  I am old (mid-40’s) and even though I work out I am 5′11 and very big boned so getting myself around on crutches nwb would be impossible.  I am told I will be nwb for 4-6 weeks (depending on how surgery goes) and then into the boot for gradual wb.

Okay guys, please give me any tips/advice/help that you can muster.  I am very very scared and no longer sleep at night thinking about it all!




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