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I will start with a semi apology: this is not an infomercial although it might look like one.
I just received my iWalkFree 3 hours ago, and it is great.
I called the company and left a message on Sunday, got a callback from the inventor on Monday morning, and received the delivery on Tuesday afternoon. Tic-Tack-Toe.

Quick assembly, some first hesitant steps, and a few hours later I already cooked myself a meal, standing and moving about in the kitchen, and later even carried my 1 year old son around.

Many have mentioned the huge advantage of getting your hands back as soon as you start using this device. This is all true, but there are other advantages: When standing, there is much less pressure on the healthy leg, the hip and the spine, because you have two leg support. Moreover, before I had device, standing meant keeping my injured leg with the cast in the air, and I began feeling theĀ  strain on my knee (and ligaments) which are not used to carrying such weight for a long time. Now, I feel almost normal while standing so I can stand longer and do more.

I’m sure with time I’ll find out about the cons of using this device, but in the short time I have it the pros have proved themselves.

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  1. iwalk reply

    i too am looking at the iwalk to help me get more mobile. Does it have adjustments for leg fitting? What cons have you found in the last few days. Are you able to bend down?


  2. Hi Al,

    Yes, the device is adjustable. I read that for short people it is recommended to shorten the excess length of the crutch, but I assume it is really relevant below a certain height. I think you can find the answer at the web site I mention above, or you can just call the company - they will return to you.

    I’m still very happy with the iWalkFree. It offers a different level of freedom and independence compared to crutches.
    Some of the issues that I noticed are:
    - After walking on snow or ice outside (Montreal winter), the leg must be thoroughly dried, otherwise it is very slippery to walk on any polished floor like hard wood or tiles.
    - Stepping on little rags, placed on polish floor, is also dangerous - they can move and make you slip.

    I can bend with it, and I can even sit with it for a short while.
    Overall, I highly recommend it.


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