Elongated Achilles Tendon post op 24 weeks

Well, I was supposed to have my final check up with my surgeon, but bad news was given to me! So they chopped my leg up a whole bunch and reattached my achilles, and then I go through all the pain and triumphs of getting better and physical therapy! Well BEWARE my physical therapist was all happy that my range of motion was actually better in my bad leg then in my good leg, all my measurements especially the ones of when you pull your toes back towards your chest were better than the rest and I was all smiles and my therapist was all smiles.  I go to see my Dr. and he was not so happy, I was wondering why after 6 months I was struggling to do one leg calf raises and go jogging, well now I have an elongated achilles tendon, it was over stretched after surgery! So be very careful and make your therapists aware that you don’t want an elongated tendon at the end of all your hard work!

I am also wondering if this has happened to anyone else out there, I looked online and it seemed pretty common, the worst part is the only cure for an elongated achilles is SURGERY!!!!

We won the playoffs!

Hello fellow ATR friends, my name is Lindsay and I am 29 yrs old.  I ruptured my achilles February 24, 2011 playing indoor soccer in an adult soccer league, we won the playoffs (I got a tshirt)! I had the surgery a week later on March 4, 2011 so it has been 8 weeks now since the surgery, I got great news from my doctor yesterday he said I will be in sneakers within a week.  I will have big sponge things in my shoes for the first few weeks but at least my armpits will get to rest and my right leg will possibly get some sun! I have to admit I have tried to be positive but the boredom of not working and kind of being house bound is really getting to me, and the fact that I am not working because my main income comes from bartending and waitressing, has  made me rather broke! I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who ruptured there achilles who is also in a fast paced walking job and and how long it took you to get back to work. I am losing my mind a little, I am googling and facebooking all too much!